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How to Obtain a Zone History Letter

June 2023

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This Information Bulletin is intended to provide direction for obtaining a Zone History Request. A Zone History provides confirmation on past and current zoning and land use regulations that govern a specific property within the City of San Diego’s jurisdiction and outlines redevelopment rights in the event zoning and land use regula­tions change. Maintenance, repair, alteration, or reconstruction of a previously conforming structure, or a change in use, is subject to the requirements of San Diego Municipal Code (SDMC) §127.0101. A Zone History will apply this code section when outlining redevelopment rights for previously conforming uses and/or structures.

Previous entitlements may be identified as part of the Zone History research (a complete listing of all entitlements and other restrictions can be obtained through a Title Company as part of a Title Report. Other local and state agencies may have jurisdiction over the property (e.g., Civic San Diego, Port of San Diego). In order to con­firm the jurisdiction, please refer to the Official Zoning map.

Options for Services

Electronic Submittal

Complete the Zone History Letter application, available through your Online Permitting Account. A separate application is required for each Assessor Parcel Number.

When an application is submitted, an invoice is automatically sent to the applicant for fees due. Once the invoice has been paid the application is processed and a response will be provided within 15 business days.


The following fees are required to be paid prior to review unless otherwise noted. For your convenience, DSD offers online payments through your Online Permitting Account. Pay­ment may also be made in person by cash, check, debit card, Visa or Mastercard. Checks shall be in the exact amount, drawn on US banks, and made payable to the “City Treasurer.”

Please note that Plan Check fees and other administrative fees are non-refundable. See Refund Policy noted within Refund Ap­plication Form DS-721 for additional refund information.

Zone History Request $869.07