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Development Services


 Make an Online Appointment for Records Review and Assistance.

Customers can request an in-person appointment here: Schedule Appointment.

Records Self-Services Stations (services not needing assistance or training) are available without an appointment during normal hours of operation to conduct permit research or view records in PTS.

Requests to view or obtain building plans are not available through the self-service option and require an in-person appointment with a team member.

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The Development Services Department comprehensively maintains building permits, plans, maps, technical reports and other related data for land development projects within the City of San Diego and makes them available to the public upon request.

How to Obtain Records and Files

Not all types of property records may be available, as record procedures and legal requirements have changed over the years. Customers can request or search for copies of prior permit records, plans, land use and mapping information in the following ways:

Search for Project Status

Conduct your own research for permits and applications from 2003 to present for any City of San Diego address. 

Building Records prior to 1955

For records of properties built before 1955, please contact the County Assessor's Office at 619-236-3771 or 858-565-5920.  

Alternate Approval of Methods, Materials and Code Modifications

The City of San Diego processes requests for deviations to California Building Standards Codes with alternate materials, design or construction methods or code modifications. It also keeps a record of all applications processed from 1963 to date. Records include the case/project number, address, key name, key subject and the result for each application. To view copies of the project file for a specific deviation, make a request to view the records in person (see section above).

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