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Sustainable Building Expedite Program

The City of San Diego is committed to green and sustainable building practices. Following are links to Council Policies, Information Bulletins, Applications, Municipal Code sections, and other information regarding sustainable policies and the Sustainable Building Expedite Program.

  • PDF icon Sustainable Buildings Expedite Program, Information Bulletin 538
    This Information Bulletin provides basic information regarding the Sustainable Buildings Expedite Program.
  • PDF icon Sustainable Buildings Expedite Program, Council Policy 600-27
    This Council Policy describes expediting the development review process for sustainable buildings, defines those projects that qualify for expedited permit processing, and prioritizes projects in the event the expedite program's carrying capacity is exceeded.
  • PDF icon Sustainable Building Policy, Council Policy 900-14
    This Council Policy supplements Council Policy 600-27 and describes the City’s policies for expedited permit processing for sustainable buildings. Sustainable buildings utilize alternative energy resources and technologies such as photo voltaic to generate up to 100% of the electricity needed by the building and its occupants. The Council Policy also identifies guidelines to meet adopted General Plan goals for conservation and energy efficiency, including policies and standards for design, construction, and operation of new City buildings and City buildings proposed for major renovation.
  • PDF icon Sustainable Buildings Expedite Program Form (DS-531)
    This form is required to be completed and submitted by those applicants electing to enter into the Sustainable Buildings Expedite Program.
  • PDF icon Deviations for Sustainable Building Projects
    Land Development Code Section 143.0920 allows an applicant for a sustainable building project to request deviations from the development regulations of the Land Development Code through a Process Four Site Development Permit.
  • Residential Solar Photovoltaic Systems
    The City provides for over-the counter plan check of residential solar photovoltaic roof systems with reduced plan check fees for all plans that are prepared per the City’s template. This link provides additional information regarding residential solar photovoltaic systems and plan templates for this expedited plan check service.
  • City of San Diego Sustainable Community Program
    The City is committed to advancing sustainable practices in consideration of future generations. This link provides information regarding the City’s Sustainable Community Program.
  • PDF icon Timeframe- Standard vs Expedite Processing
    This chart compares the timeframes used for standard discretionary permit processing durations vs. expedited discretionary permit processing duration. It demonstrates the discretionary Expedite program goal includes permit processing durations approximately 50% fewer days vs. standard.



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