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Beaches and Bathing Suits

Ocean Beach Wonderland, circa 1915

Ocean Beach Wonderland, circa 1915


This collection includes correspondence, ordinances, petitions and resolutions related to the City rules and regulations for beach property.  Subjects include the diving club, bathing suits, boat launches, lifeguards, litter, parties, swimming, alcohol, small boats, “wrestling” and surfing.

The evolution of swimwear and “appropriate” beach attire and behavior can be traced and explored in these records, especially during WWI and the early 1930s.

The “beach” topic can also be searched in the City Council Minutes. 


PDF icon Undated_Petition_re_Pacific_Beach

PDF icon Undated_Petition_to_Retain_Present_Ordinance_re_Pacific_Beach

PDF icon 20 September 1915 San Diego Harbor Statistical Report and Petition

PDF icon 21_August_1922_Document_No_144559

PDF icon 16_October_1922_Document_No 145713

PDF icon 11 June 1931 La Jolla Chamber of Commerce

PDF icon 12 June 1931 Correspondence from Deputy City Clerk

PDF icon 3 July 1931 Communication from AB Smith

PDF icon 27 July 1931 Authorizing Repeal

PDF icon 18 August 1931 Affidavit of Publication Legal Notice

PDF icon 2 May 1932 Ordinance No C1131

PDF icon 27 February 1940 Pacific Beach Chamber of Commerce

PDF icon 15 April_1948_Consideration_on_Proposed_Ordinance

PDF icon 19 April 1948 Affidavit of Publication of Notice of Public Hearing

PDF icon 19_May_1948_Amusement_Installation_in_La_Jolla

PDF icon 18_November_1948_Registered_Voters_Ask_for_Reconsideration_of_Ordinance

PDF icon 16 May_1950_Park_and_Recreation_Control_of_Areas

PDF icon 16 September 1959 Wildlife Federation to City Council

PDF icon 26 January 1961 Referral Route Slip re Pacific Beach

PDF icon 26 January 1961 La Jolla Town Council

PDF icon 20 February 1961 Communication to the City Clerk

PDF icon 26 February 1961 Communication to Mayor Dail

PDF icon 28 February 1961 Communication from Resident FL Goff Jr

PDF icon 2_March_1961_Ordinance_No_5485_New_Series_Amending_63 20 6_and_63 20 8

PDF icon 2 March 1961 Referral Route Slip to City Manager

PDF icon 15 April 1961 Letter to City Council on the Neighborhood and Parking from Mrs Dean

PDF icon 17 April 1961 Communication to Mayor Dail from Residents of La Jolla

Public Safety

PDF icon 11 June 1931 La Jolla Chamber of Commerce George W. Pardy

PDF icon 29 April 1932 Communication to Mrs Morgan from Chief of Police

PDF icon 4 May 1932 City Prosecuting Attorney

PDF icon 17_April_1933_Enforcement_re_Broken_Glass_on_Beaches

PDF icon 20 April 1933 Communication from Chief of Police to City Manager

PDF icon 20_April_1933_Response_from_City_Manager

PDF icon 24_April_1933_City_Attorney_Authorized_and_Directed_to_Prepare_Ordinance

PDF icon 3 May 1933 Prohibiting Depositing Waste on Beaches

PDF icon 31 August 1946 Junior Citizens Communication to the Mayor Knox and City Council

PDF icon 14 February 1947 Drownings in Gravel Pits of Mission Valley from Mayor Knox

PDF icon 14_February_1947_City_Manager_to_Authorize_Patrol_of_San Diego River

PDF icon 9_April_1948_Rules_and_Regulations_Governing_Use_of_Beaches

PDF icon 5_May_1948_City_Attorney_Amendment_to_Ordinance_3727_New_Series

PDF icon 11 April 1949 Communication from Resident of Mission Beach

PDF icon 2 May 1949 Petition of Residents re Ball Playing

PDF icon 2 May 1949 Communication from City Manager to JA Harris Resident of Mission Beach

PDF icon 18 May 1949 Communication from City Manager re Ball Playing

PDF icon 6 July 1949 Communication to Mayor from Concerned Citizen Regarding Dangers to Swimmers

PDF icon 19_July_1950_Acting_City_Manager_Recommends_No_Action_re_Beach_Fire

PDF icon 20 February 1957 Communication to Police Chief Jansen

PDF icon 22_March_1957_EW Blom_Acting_City_Manager_responds_to_Mr_Dentz_re_Maintenance_of_Beaches

PDF icon 22 May_1957_Response_from_City_Manager_to_Mr Dentz

PDF icon 2_March_1961_Ordinance_No._8452_New_Series


PDF icon 20_May_1920_Ordinance_No_B-827

Swimming and Surfing

PDF icon 23_January_1961_Pacific_Beach_Town_Council_Letter to Mayor Dail

PDF icon 2_February_1961_Communication_from_Resident_F_Goff_Jr

PDF icon 22 February 1961 Citizens for Surfboarding Minutes of Meeting

PDF icon 23_February_1961_Residents_Petition

PDF icon 23_February_1961_Surfers_Petition

PDF icon 24_February_1961_Petition

PDF icon 3 March 1961 Traffic Congestion Due to Surf Rider Cars in La Jolla

PDF icon 3 April_1961_Designated_Surfing_Areas

PDF icon 4 April 1961 Municipal Code Amended-SEC 63 20 8 Surfboards Prohibited

PDF icon 5 April 1961 Residents Protest the Restriction of Surfing

PDF icon 9_April_1961_AB Hovde_Disapproves_of_Proposed_Ordinance_in Limiting Surfboards

PDF icon 10 April 1961 Designated Surfing Areas

PDF icon 10 April 1961 Letter to Mayor from President of Narmco Industries re Surfing in Point Loma

PDF icon 10_April_1961_Protest_re_Restrictions_on_Swimmers_and_Surfers

PDF icon 10_April_1961_Mrs. Monahan_Protests_the_Restricting_of_Beaches

PDF icon 11 April 1961 Anonymous Resident Writes Letter to City Council on Surfboarding

PDF icon 11 April 1961 Citizen Oppose Closure of Point Loma

PDF icon 18 April 1961 Letter to City Council from Gary L Boren re Surfing

PDF icon 19_April_1961_Letter_to_Mayor_Dail_and_City_Council_from_Resident_E Alkire

PDF icon 21_April_1961_Pacific_Beach_Council_Letter_to_Mayor_Dail

PDF icon 8 May_1961_Surfing_Committee_Meeting_on_Surfing_Areas_Issues

PDF icon 15 May 1961 Surfing Committee


PDF icon 12 June 1931 Correspondence from Deputy City Clerk to La Jolla Women's Club

PDF icon 30 June 1931 Communication from South La Jolla Community Club

PDF icon 31 July 1931 Nat'l Business and Professional Women's Club

PDF icon 4 May 1932 City of Long Beach

PDF icon 9 May_1932_Mission_Beach_Womans_Club_Communication_to_the_Common_Council

PDF icon 6 October 1939 Communication from Small Business Men's Organization

PDF icon 9 October 1939 Communication from Hillcrest Women's Club

PDF icon 11 July 1950 Sanction the Exemption of Ordinance No 4355 Section 8

PDF icon 21 July 1950 Communication from President of Wind an Sea Surfing Club

PDF icon 23 April 1961 Letter to City Clerk from President of San Diego Council of Diving Clubs H Riley

Bathing Suits

PDF icon Undated_Ordinance C

PDF icon 22 March 1887 Extract from Ordinance No 7056

PDF icon 13 June 1917 Vetoing Ordinance Regulating Wearing Bathing Suits at La Jolla

PDF icon 28_November_1929_Matter_Regarding_Ordinance_No 13548

PDF icon 20 May 1931 Petition of La Jolla Residents-Repeal of Ordinance No 7056 re Bathing Suit

PDF icon 25_July_1931_Communication_from_W Leiber_re_Bathing_Suits_in_La_Jolla

PDF icon 9 June 1931 Repeal of Ordinance 7056 City Clerk

PDF icon 11 June 1931 Communication from Long Beach Office of the City Attorney

PDF icon 20 June 1931 Communication to City Clerk

PDF icon 23 June 1931 Communication Regarding of Ordinance 7056

PDF icon 24 July 1931 Communication to City Clerk re Bathing Suits

PDF icon 1932_Petition_to_the_City_Council_re_Violation in the Dimensions of Bathing Suits

PDF icon 1932_Petition_to_the_City_Council_re_Ordinance_No 13548

PDF icon 26_April_1932_Ordinance_No C 1131

PDF icon 16 May_1932_Ordinance_on the_Regulating_of Bathing_Suits

PDF icon 2 June 1932 Regulating the Wearing of Bathing Suits for Beaches in the City of San Diego

PDF icon 2 June_1932_Communication from City_Attorney_to Mayor_and_City Council

PDF icon 6_June_1932_Enforcing_Measures_on_Indecent_Exposure

PDF icon 6 June 1932 Violations and Penalties

PDF icon 13 June_1932_City_Attorney_to_Prepare_Ordinance re Regulating Bathing Suits

PDF icon 20_April_1948_Emergency_Ordinance_Regulating_Use_of_Beaches

PDF icon 19_May_1948_Denial_of_Petition_to_Amend_Bathing_Suit_Ordinance

PDF icon 19 May 1948 Response from City Manager re Petition of Residents

PDF icon 19_May_1948_Denying_Petition_of_Residents_to_Amend_Ordinance_No 13548

PDF icon 28_November_1949_Ordinance_No_13548_Regulating_the_Wearing_of_Bathing_Suits

PDF icon 28 November 1949_Images and Record of Indecent_Exposure

PDF icon 19 June 1950 Communication Regarding Regulating Clothing


PDF icon 9 April_1940_Regulating_Sailboats_Power_Boats_and Canoes

PDF icon April 1946 Mission Bay Piers

PDF icon 20 April_1948_City_Attorneys_Request_for_Boat_Launching_Area

PDF icon 20_April_1948_City_Attorney_to_Prepare_Ordinance_for_Boat Launching

PDF icon 26_April_1955_Regulating_Operation_of_Watercrafts_in_Mission Bay

PDF icon 6_June_1955_City_Manager_Authorized_and_Empowered_in_Converting_Beach_Screen

PDF icon 6 June 1955_Paddle Wheel