City Clerk Archives and Records Management
Preserving original and trustworthy records is crucial to the functioning of a civil society.  The City of San Diego, City Clerk Archives offers a wide range of rewarding opportunities for those individuals that have a passion for working  with historical materials or just want to contribute their time to a worthy cause such as the preservation of the City's historical records.
Archival volunteers are a vital part of the City Clerk's Mission to preserve and put online a wealth of historical material for public access.  Your contribution of time, energy and talent will go a long way to help the archives advance the preservation of  and access to these historic statehood records.
Some of the benefits of working in the Archives are volunteers gain more knowledge about the early formation of the City of San Diego,  and work with some of our most dynamic collections.
We invite you to come thrive in the City Clerk Archives and be a part of a growing trend to volunteer and work with other like-minded individuals from students to retirees that want to stay active, learn, and make a difference in the Community.
Send your Letter of Interest to Volunteer Webpage.
Volunteer Opportunities
Grant Writing:
Volunteers work closely with staff to provide supplemental research for grant writing for preserving and making accessible records
Spanish Translation:
Volunteers to assist with Spanish translation of early statehood records
Scanning documents and bound book collections:
Volunteers work closely with staff to provide supplemental scanning of our vast archival collections for uploading to the Digital Archives
Historical  Photo Collection:
Volunteers work closely with staff to assist with categorizing, and labeling microfilm
Volunteers research additional resources to help better describe photo collections, and artifact informations and work with staff on special projects involving historical material