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The "WHITEBOOK" - San Diego Supplement to the GREENBOOK

The specifications contained in the City Supplement, The "WHITEBOOK," take precedence over the specification language contained in the Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction, "The GREENBOOK" 2018 Edition. The City's "WHITEBOOK" addresses the unique conditions in the City of San Diego that are not addressed in The GREENBOOK. Therefore, if there is a conflict, the "WHITEBOOK" shall control.

2021 Edition

2018 Edition

Previous Editions

The "WHITEBOOK" now contains the following distinct sets of Contract Documents:

  1. Equal Opportunity Contracting Program requirements
  2. Specifications that are used in conjunction with The GREENBOOK

The GREENBOOK may be purchased at your local technical bookstore or directly from the publisher. The "WHITEBOOK" is available only for download from this location. The City does not provide hard copies.