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San Diego Standard Drawings

This volume combines some of the San Diego Area Regional Standard Drawings, as developed by the San Diego Regional Standards Committee, with those additional standard drawings which are unique to public work construction in the City of San Diego. The additional drawings can easily be distinguished by their drawing numbers which contain the letters "SD" and are numbered beginning with 100. Drawings marked with (*) in the revision column are regional drawings that have been modified to City standards.

These drawings shall be used in conjunction with the latest City adopted editions of the Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (i.e., "The GREENBOOK") and the accompanying City Supplement included in the City's Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (i.e., "The WHITEBOOK").

The City of San Diego Standard Drawings is usually published every three years. However, updates approved for use are posted on the City Website as they become available.

Materials shown on these drawings shall be as specified in the Specifications or the City of San Diego Approved Materials List (AML). If not, a prior approval by the Engineer is required.

These drawings are not to scale and may have not been checked for conformance with governing California construction codes; applicable codes and regulations; the latest California Building Code; and other safety and environmental statutes. Therefore, they must be used with care and judgment.





Comments or Suggestions

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