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Engineering & Capital Projects

About Engineering & Capital Projects

The Engineering & Capital Projects Department's goal is to provide engineering services including technical and operational support, design, and construction for the Capital Improvements Program (CIP), and oversight of the development of public infrastructure and facilities in an expeditious, cost-effective manner while maintaining the highest degree of quality.


The Engineering & Capital Projects Department is comprised of the following Divisions:


The Engineering & Capital Projects Department provides a full range of engineering services that support the City's CIP, including:

  1. Rehabilitating, restoring, improving, and adding to the City's capital facilities;
  2. Project and construction management of public improvement projects through the planning, design, and construction phase;
  3. Quality control and inspection of private work permitted in the right-of-way;
  4. Surveying and materials testing;
  5. Site grading and subdivision improvements;
  6. Infrastructure asset management;
  7. CIP prioritization;
  8. Engineer functions for all City departments; and
  9. Procurement and management of CIP construction  and associated professional consulting services contracts.

Types of Projects

The Department works on a wide range of projects. Among those are:

  1. Libraries
  2. Fire, lifeguard and police stations
  3. Parks and recreation centers
  4. Lighting and traffic signals
  5. Street improvements
  6. Bikeways and other transportation projects
  7. Storm drainage and flood control facilities
  8. Water and sewer pipelines
  9. Water and wastewater treatment plants and pump stations
  10. Utilities undergrounding projects