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Ethics Commission

2013 Audit Selection

At the random drawing conducted on September 12, 2013, the following committees were selected for audit:

Candidate Committees

(listed alphabetically by candidate's last name)

Ballot Measure Committees

(listed alphabetically by committee name)

  • A Better San Diego Issues Committee, a Sponsored Committee of the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council, AFL-CIO - Final Audit Report
  • Citizens for Patient Rights, sponsored by the Patient Care Association, an association of medicinal cannabis patients and patient organizations - Final Audit Report
  • Comprehensive Pension Reform for San Diego (CPR for San Diego) with major funding by San Diegans for Pension Reform and The Lincoln Club of San Diego County, advocates for responsible city finances - Final Audit Report
  • San Diegans for Great Schools with major funding provided by CAC advisory Services LLC & Dr. Irwin Jacobs - Final Audit Report
  • San Diegans for Pension Reform - Final Audit Report
  • San Diego Consumers for Choice, sponsored by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. - Final Audit Report
  • San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (SD Chamber PAC) - Final Audit Report
  • Taxpayers to Preserve Community Jobs, No on Measure A, sponsored by labor and management organizations - Final Audit Report