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Fire-Rescue Department


Photo of HAZMAT Rig

The HAZMAT Program is equipped with two primary hazardous materials response units; HM1 and HM2. Each of these "Big Red" HAZMAT units is a specialized emergency response vehicle equipped to handle hazardous material incidents (chemical spills, fuel spills, compressed gas releases, etc.) and is staffed with specially trained personnel. Each apparatus is equipped with a mobile mini-laboratory, which allows the Hazardous Materials Technicians and Specialists to identify unknown substances and "suspicious" materials on site. Each unit carries a wide range of personal protective ensembles, also known as PPE (personal protective equipment), specifically designed to be worn in the presence of hazardous environments that are immediately dangerous to life and property. This specialized PPE allows the HAZMAT Techs to work for extended periods in IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health) atmospheres.