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Fire-Rescue Department

Fire Chiefs


Photo of Fire Chief A. B. Cairns

Photo of Chief Fire Engineer A.B. Cairns
Courtesy of the San Diego Fire House Museum.
A.B. Cairns Chief Engineer 1889-1905
Ray Shute Chief Engineer 1905-1907
Eugene Donnelly Chief Engineer 1907-1909
Louis Almgren Chief Engineer 1909-1935
John E. Parrish Fire Chief 1935-1947
George Courser Fire Chief 1947-1960
Ray Shukraft Fire Chief 1960-1968
Leonard Bell Fire Chief 1968-1975
Dee J. Rogers Fire Chief 1975-1979
Earl G. Roberts Fire Chief 1979-1984
Roger C. Phillips Fire Chief 1984-1985
John Delotch Fire Chief 1985-1992
Robert E. Osby Fire Chief 1992-2002
Jeff Bowman Fire Chief 2002-2006
Tracy Jarman Fire Chief 2006-2009
Javier Mainar Fire Chief 2009-2015
Brian Fennessy Fire Chief 2015-2018