Fire Chiefs

Photo of Fire Chief A. B. Cairns

Photo of Chief Fire Engineer A.B. Cairns
Courtesy of the San Diego Fire House Museum.
A.B. Cairns Chief Engineer 1889-1905
Ray Shute Chief Engineer 1905-1907
Eugene Donnelly Chief Engineer 1907-1909
Louis Almgren Chief Engineer 1909-1935
John E. Parrish Fire Chief 1935-1947
George Courser Fire Chief 1947-1960
Ray Shukraft Fire Chief 1960-1968
Leonard Bell Fire Chief 1968-1975
Dee J. Rogers Fire Chief 1975-1979
Earl G. Roberts Fire Chief 1979-1984
Roger C. Phillips Fire Chief 1984-1985
John Delotch Fire Chief 1985-1992
Robert E. Osby Fire Chief 1992-2002
Jeff Bowman Fire Chief 2002-2006
Tracy Jarman Fire Chief 2006-2009
Javier Mainar Fire Chief 2009-2015
Brian Fennessy Fire Chief 2015-Present