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Fire-Rescue Department

Maintenance and Testing of Fire Protection Systems

The Compliance Engine

The San Diego Fire-Rescue Department has instituted a new process for service providers who inspect and test fire protection systems.  Effective 04/15/2020 all compliant and non-compliant fire protection system test reports are required to be electronically submitted to the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department online via The Compliance Engine at Visit the Compliance Engine page for more information.


The ITM of the following systems must be submitted utilizing the following form/standard and the frequencies listed in the table below.

Report Type 6-Month Annual 5-Year Form/Standard
Active Smoke Control System     NFPA 92
Automatic Closing Fire Assemblies     NFPA 80
Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems   CSFM-AES 2
Dry Chemical System     CSFM-AES 21
Emergency Power Standy System     NFPA 110
Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System     Manufacturer Specifications
Fire Alarm System     NFPA 72
Fire Escape     NFPA 80
Fire Pump     CSFM-AES 5
Kitchen Hood Suppression System     CSFM-AES 20
Private Fire Service Main   CSFM-AES 4
Special Suppression System/Clean Agent/CO2     CSFM-AES 22
Spray Booth     CSFM-AES 7
Standpipe   CSFM-AES 3
Water Storage Tank   * CSFM - AES 6

*5-year report may be submitted as an attachment to the annual report on AES 6

Sprinkler and Standpipe Systems

Periodic inspection, testing and maintenance is required for sprinkler and standpipe systems per Title 19, Chapter 5 and the current adopted version of California Edition of NFPA 25. A licensed contractor (C16 license) must perform the service test annually and every five years.

A license is not required to perform visual inspections.

Fire Alarm Systems

A fire alarm system must be tested periodically in accordance with the California Fire Code and the current adopted edition of NFPA 72 as amended by the State of California.

  • The alarm system must be tested annually.
  • Supervisory valve switches (including those which are part of a sprinkler or standpipe system), and the water flow (i.e. main drain test) and Inspector's Test which are part of a sprinkler system, must be tested as specified in the current adopted NFPA references as amended by the State of California.
  • The person performing the test must either be a licensed alarm contractor (C7 or C10) or must have received specialized training for the system for which he/she is responsible.

Systems Out of Service