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Fire-Rescue Department

Ambulance Transport Fees

The following table outlines the prevailing charges for patient transportation via Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances. These fees encompass on-scene treatment provided by ALS or BLS, as well as charges for oxygen and mileage.

Should you have any inquiries concerning this fee schedule, please contact us at (619) 533-4300.

Patient Fees
Fee Title Current Fee (Falk) Proposed Fee (City) FY25 (7% Increase)
ALS Emergency Transport Level 2 $2,945.16 $3,151.32
ALS Emergency Transport Level 1 $2,820.26 $3,017.68
ALS Non-Emergency Transport $2,642.67 $2,827.66
BLS Emergency Transport $2,379.53 $2,546.10
BLS Non-Emergency Transport $1,162.04 $1,243.38
ALS or BLS Treat, No Transport $223.52 $239.17
Oxygen $135.40 $144.88
Mileage $42.91 $45.92