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San Diego Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has recognized a small population of individuals who use emergency services in disproportion to the general public. These individuals often suffer from difficult health or social circumstances, such as chronic medical conditions, mental illness, substance abuse or chronic homelessness. Their underlying issues may remain unaddressed as they seek primary assistance from ill-suited acute care services. The resulting episodic, uncoordinated care is of lower quality and higher cost and simultaneously consumes valuable public safety and acute care resources.


The San Diego EMS Resource Access Program (RAP) is a paramedic-based surveillance and case management system that intercepts high EMS users. RAP seeks to reduce dependence on EMS and acute care services by linking the individual with appropriate resources for their underlying medical, mental health, and social needs. RAP is coordinated by a San Diego Fire-Rescue paramedic who works under the direction of Dr. James Dunford, EMS Medical Director for the City of San Diego.


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