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Fire-Rescue Department

Hazardous Materials Permits

The Technical Services section is charged with the safe installation of hazardous materials in bulk and any associated piping or equipment. Regulation is provided through the permit process, with permit amounts based on International Fire Code requirements, Section 105, Permits.

What Requires a Permit?

  • Installation and removal of:
    • Above-ground tanks for fuels, oils and other lubricants, chemicals and flammable or combustible liquids;
    • Below-ground tanks for fuels, oils and other lubricants, chemicals and flammable or combustible liquids;
  • Re-pipe or modification to hazardous systems or installations;
  • Installation of:
    • Liquid Propane Gas (LPG): Operation permit required for storage or use of LPG.
    • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG): Fuels not otherwise used for household use.
    • Compressed Gas: Flammable, toxic, corrosive, pyrophoric, oxidizing, inert, refrigerants, etc.
    • Medical gas: Anesthetic and other gases used in medicine (including veterinary medicine) which are not otherwise regulated by the State of California (i.e. schools and institutions).
    • Cryogens: Flammable, toxic, corrosive, pyrophoric, oxidizing, inert, etc.
  • Site/Soil Remediation: When any device is installed for the remediation of a site, or soil stockpiled on a site, in which hazardous liquids or vapors are recovered or used during the process, a permit is required.

Permit Application

  • The Hazardous Materials Permit Application (PDF) is a multi-copy form listing owners, operators, contractors and information related to the installation.
  • All portions must be filled in, including a signature and proof of insurance. A check covering total Hazardous Materials Permit Fees, payable to the "City Treasurer," is required at the time of application.
  • The application may be completed online and then downloaded.
  • Mail three (3) copies to the address on the application form:
    Attn: Technical Services Clerk
  • Please note the specific directions on the permit form.

Plan Review

  • The plan review encompasses a thorough review of submitted plans, checking for compliance with current applicable codes.
  • Submittals must include all pertinent information both in specification and plan view; details and cut-sheets for any equipment; and the materials, manner and method of installation.
  • Submit two full size and one reduced (11 x 17) set of plans. The full sized sets will be stamped and returned when review is completed.
  • As-builts will not be accepted.
  • When changes are made to the installation in the field, the changes must be pre-approved.
  • When required, a referral will be made to Development Services for occupancy classification and/or building permits.
  • Overtime plan review is available. See Inspection immediately following.
  • Completed plan reviews are available for pick up Monday - Friday from 8AM - 10AM only.


  • Field inspections of the installation during various stages of construction are required.
  • The number of inspections is based on the type of installation.

Overtime Inspections/Plan Review

  • Upon request, an overtime inspection may be performed.
  • An additional minimum fee is charged.
  • The minimum cost for a weekday inspection will be at the rate of two hours and for a weekend inspection, the rate will be four hours.
  • You may download a Request for Technical Services Overtime Inspection/Plan Review (PDF).