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Request a Free Tree SD

Trees make our neighborhoods more beautiful and livable. They also keep us cool, make the environment greener, and save us money on energy costs.

To receive a FREE TREE for your parkway (the area between your sidewalk and street curb), please review the conditions of agreement and fill out the below form.


  • Location of property must be within City of San Diego limits
  • Resident/property owner agrees to water the tree for three years to get trees life started per the recommended watering schedule noted below
  • The Citys horticulturist will review your parkway to determine an appropriate tree species
  • Resident/property owner understands that driveways, street corners, fire hydrants and other objects may limit where tree(s) can be planted

Watering Schedule

To properly nurture your tree, please follow the recommended watering schedule:

  • First Year: Water tree 2 times/week, using 5-10 gallons each watering
  • Second Year: Water tree 2 times/month, using 10-15 gallons each watering
  • Third Year: Water tree at least 1 time/month, using 10-15 gallons each watering
  • Years After: Continue to water the tree at least once a month, and more frequently during periods of high temperatures or scarce rainfall
  • The cost of watering your tree(s) will vary depending on the species and size of tree AND the cost is assumed by the resident/property owner.

*Indicates a required field

Owner/Occupant Contact Information
Address where tree may be planted
Conditions of Agreement

You must accept the conditions of agreement to submit this form to express interest in receiving a free tree. By clicking the box below, you agree to the watering schedule noted above AND that the property for which you are requesting a tree, is in the City of San Diego limits should you receive a free tree if funding becomes available.