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Moreton Bay Fig Tree in Balboa ParkAt the option of a property owner, a tree may be designated on private property for tree inventory purposes and for protection status. Council Policy 900-19 (“Public Tree Protection”) was adopted to protect designated tree resources located in public rights-of-way, on City-owned open space, in parks or other publicly owned lands, wherever practical. In addition, the policy applies to private land restricted by dedicated open space easements.

This voluntary action by the private property owner can be specified to carry with the property in the form of a deed restriction. Nothing in this policy will restrict the removal of any designated tree if the tree is a threat to public safety after reasonable efforts have been made for additional care, corrective actions or maintenance to correct these problems.

Nominate a Tree for Conservation

Conserve a Tree Nomination Form – You can nominate a tree for conservation. Categories include Landmark Tree, Heritage Tree, Parkway Resource Tree and Preservation Grove. More information regarding the categories can be found in Council Policy 900-19 (see above). The tree(s) will be inspected by the City’s Street Division to make sure all designation criteria are met. If they meet all criteria, the request will be forwarded to the Community Forest Advisory Board for evaluation and possibly protected status.

Trees and Underground Utilities

Underground Utilities Program – Street Lights and Trees – Occasionally a tree must be removed for safety requirements of utilities. To reduce the impact associated with tree removal, the City plants new street trees if a property owners agrees to water and care for a tree until it becomes established.