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worker trimming a treeThe City's Street Division provides the following street tree maintenance services as funded. You can report the problem regarding street trees and it will be investigated. 

Issues with trees in City parks should be reported to the Park & Recreation Department by using the My Park application.

Street Tree Trimming

Street trees are trimmed for public safety requirements and to clear rights-of-way. You may request a No-Fee Permit for trimming, removal, planting or root pruning following inspection by City staff. The criteria used for determining whether a tree will be trimmed are:

  • Safety: This is trimming required for public safety. Tree Maintenance Inspectors will determine whether a tree's condition requires immediate action.
  • Provide visibility for motorists, traffic signals and other traffic control devices: This may include trimming of vegetation on private property that encroaches on the public right-of-way.
  • Provide Clearance: This service consists of removing lower limbs and other growth from street trees to provide adequate clearance for vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and construction activities.

Request for Trimming

Tree Removal

(City forces and contractual service)

City crews cutting branchesOnly dead trees or trees deemed an immediate safety issue by city staff are removed from the right-of-way as soon as possible. All other removal requests are evaluated for preservation or removal, per City Council Policy 200-5 (Planting of Trees on City Streets).

If the City determines the tree must be removed in order to repair other infrastructure, the concurrence of the abutting property owner is required. If no objection to the proposed removal is received, the tree will be removed by City contractors. This includes full stump grinding. It can take up to 48 months from the determination date for the City to remove the tree and make any permanent concrete repairs. During this period, temporary asphalt ramping will be installed to alleviate any hazards in the public right-of-way.

Property owners may expedite the removal and repair process by agreeing to repair any associated sidewalk or other damages from the street tree if removal meets the criteria in Council Policy 200-5.

Requests for tree removal must be made through the Get It Done application.

Roots in Water and Sewer Pipes

Tree roots can sometimes interfere with water and sewer plumbing, specifically roots growing into pipes causing blockages or other problems. For information about tree removal, please see information above. Below are links to information regarding the responsibility of maintaining water and sewer lines.

  • Your Water Plumbing System – The water system for a home or other property is connected to a City water main through a water lateral service line via a water meter. The property owner is responsible for the maintenance of any portion of the water system from the meter.
  • Your Sewer Plumbing System – The sewerage system for a home or other property is connected to a City sewer main through a sewer lateral. The property owner is responsible for the maintenance of that lateral from the property all the way to the connection with the sewer main.