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Commission on Gang Prevention and Intervention

D'Andre Brooks

Reformed Ex-Gang Member


D'Andre Brooks was born and raised in Southeast San Diego. When most kids were thinking about who to take to prom or how to fill out a college application, Brooks was trying to survive in an 11-by-11-foot cage. Being sent to an adult prison at the age of 17 years old, Brooks’ brightest years were spent trying to raise himself, educate himself, and turn his life around without family or community support. Since his release in 2013, has been dedicated to changing his community.

After receiving his associate’s degree from San Diego City College, Brooks will be heading to San Diego State University in the fall to work towards his sociology degree. Brooks was most recently a mentor at METRO, working with young at-risk youth from his community. He currently is a leader in the "Reclaiming the Community" movement and continues to be an integral part of "Pillars of the Community."