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Commission on Gang Prevention and Intervention

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Positive Activities

To keep your children engaged in positive activities, find a City recreation center or library near you and discover the many fun programs available.

Local houses of worship have programs for your youth. We have provided information for you research what best fits your family. Church Youth Programs List.

For more information, download these brochures and directories:

For details about how San Diego documents gang members, please read: Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Gang Documentation.

Family Resources

Other Family Resources

Graffiti is Not Art

Graffiti is not art; it is vandalism. It is prohibited when done without permission of the property owner. Furthermore, San Diego Municipal Code Section 54.0405 requires that property owners keep all walls, buildings, fences, signs and other structures and surfaces visible from the public right-of-way free of graffiti.

In November 2000, the San Diego City Council amended the City's Graffiti Ordinance to revise the official definition of "graffiti" as follows:

"Graffiti means any unauthorized inscription, word, figure, picture, or design that is sprayed, marked, cut, posted, pasted or otherwise affixed, drawn or painted on any surface of public or private property."

To report graffiti in progress, please call 9-1-1 and visit the Reporting Graffiti web page for details on rewards for reporting graffiti.

CGPI Resource Guide

Our Community Resource Guide (PDF) is a dynamic document, sorted by communities and ZIP codes. Feedback and updated information is welcome. Please send us an email at Thank you for your support.

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities from our community partners in the area of prevention and intervention.