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Commission on Gang Prevention and Intervention

Tony Young

San Diego Workforce Partnership CEO

Tony YoungTony Young is a highly experienced community leader with over three decades of government and programmatic expertise in San Diego County. He currently serves as Interim CEO of the San Diego Workforce Partnership where he drives strategic efforts to address the evolving needs of the local labor market and expand workforce development programs.

Tony brings a deep understanding of pressing issues in and around San Diego County and how they intersect with resident challenges and aspirations as they pertain to workforce, training and talent. His vision and collaborative approach fortify partnerships with a diverse group of businesses, educational institutions, trade associations, nonprofit organizations and government agencies, advancing the organization’s leadership in workforce development.

Tony began his career as an educator and AVID Coordinator with the San Diego Unified School District. After a decade of service, Tony expanded his reach when he was elected to the San Diego City Council. He was the first President Pro Tempore of the San Diego City Council, eventually becoming its first African American President. Tony was selected by voters in three separate landslide victories.

In 2013, Tony became the CEO of the American Red Cross in San Diego County. In this role, he directed a $12.7M fundraising campaign to address fire safety in vulnerable wildfires regions.

In 2014, Tony founded both Civic Link Strategies, a preeminent public affairs firm, and RISE San Diego, a nonprofit that advances urban leadership through civic engagement to effect meaningful community change.

Tony has served on numerous boards and committees that have provided him with a unique insight into the needs of San Diego, including the San Diego Housing Authority, San Diego Regional Airport Authority, San Diego Tourism Authority and many more.

Tony earned a degree in socioeconomics from Howard University, teaching credentials from the University of San Diego and completed the Executive Education program at Harvard Kennedy School.