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Homelessness Strategies and Solutions


Outreach team member talking to a man experiencing homelessness

Outreach is a critical tool for ending homelessness. Outreach teams work to build relationships with individuals experiencing homelessness. The teams use a person-centered, compassionate approach to resolve homelessness through the offer of services tailored to the specific needs of individuals.

The City of San Diego has several types of street-based outreach teams operating on a daily basis.

  • Coordinated Street Outreach Program, operated by People Assisting the Homeless (PATH)
  • Bridge Shelter Outreach Teams, operated by Alpha Project and Father Joe’s Villages
  • SafeTAY Network Outreach Program, operated by the San Diego LGBT Community Center, with a focus on serving youth experiencing unsheltered homelessness
  • City Net partnership with Caltrans, to assist those residing along state property and roadways
  • Downtown San Diego Partnership Family Reunification Program
  • SDPD Neighborhood Policing Division's Homeless Outreach Team

Services Offered




Family Reunification

Food and Water


Focused Street Outreach Events

The City of San Diego’s Coordinated Street Outreach Program often conducts focused outreach events in areas identified as having large congregations of people experiencing homelessness.

During the multi-agency events, outreach teams canvass an area to engage unsheltered folks and connect them to supportive services. Access to case management, health education, public benefits, mental health and substance abuse treatment, primary care referrals, and access to hygiene kits, transportation and basic essentials are all offered to people in the area.

Learn more about past outreach efforts through the After Action Reports

Coordinated Intake Process

All outreach teams are connected to the Coordinated Intake System for referral to emergency shelters (or other services) in the City of San Diego. Learn more about the process to get someone access to services or shelter.