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Human Relations Commission

Award Nominations Form

The City of San Diego Human Relations Commission is seeking individuals and groups who have made outstanding contributions to peace, social justice, and human and civil rights in our community.

Nomination of Individual, Group, or Organization
Awards Information
  • Keith Turnham Humanitarian Award
    This award honors former Human Relations Commissioner and dedicated community activist, Keith M. Turnham. The award recognizes and honors a community veteran who exemplifies public and community service.

  • Business Diversity Award
    This award recognizes a business or corporation for its focus on diversity and inclusion in its organizational philosophy, as demonstrated through its corporate leadership, employment policies, corporate giving, and/or community initiatives.
  • Commission Partner Awards
    This award acknowledges that partnerships are key to accomplishing positive change in the community. The awardee is an individual or organization that has worked closely with the Human Relations Commission throughout the year on priority issues.  
  • HRC Commendations
    These commendations acknowledge people who have had a profound impact on both the community and the Commission.
  • Ashley L. Walker Social Justice Award
    Honors former Commission Executive Director Ashley L. Walker. The person or organization selected has demonstrated outstanding and sustained contributions in promoting inclusion and equality in our community. Criteria include:
  1. Awardee believes in and takes action toward equal and humane treatment of all community members
  2. Awardee’s good works significantly impacted the growth of respect, inclusion, and civic engagement of all community groups 
  3. Awardee demonstrated a long-term commitment to the community by living, working, or volunteering in San Diego.

* This award is given at the annual MLK-All People’s Breakfast on January 21, 2019.

For which award are you nominating?
For which award are you nominating?
General Information
About Your Nominee
Please answer the following questions and provide specific examples of the activities and/or programs the person or organization is involved in:
One or more reference letters must be included supporting the nomination. Be sure that all letters include references name, address and telephone number.
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Allowed types: txt, rtf, pdf, doc, docx.
NOTE: Should the nominee become the recipient, the information provided will be used for the presentation introduction and publicity. Therefore, it is important that all information be correct, complete and specific.