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Human Relations Commission

Stop AAPI Hate

Since the start of the to COVID-19 pandemic, acts of violence against Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities are on the rise, both locally and nationally.

If you have experienced or witnessed an act of hate as a result of COVID-19, please report the incident to the Stop AAPI Hate Reporting Center.

On June 2, 2020, the San Diego City Council adopted resolution PDF icon R-313068, denouncing xenophobia and anti-Asian racism arising due to fears of the COVID-19 pandemic and affirming the City of San Diego's commitment to the well-being and safety of Asian Pacific Islander (API) communities.

The resolution affirms the following 10 points:

  1. The City denounces xenophobia and anti-API sentiment and condemns harmful rhetoric and racist acts arising due to the fears of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. The City joins cities, counties, and states across the country in affirming its commitment to the safety and well-being of citizens, non-citizens and visitors with ancestry from the Asia Pacific region and in combating racist acts targeting APIs.
  3. The City Council encourages the City to partner with community-based organizations, advocacy groups, as well as other appropriate officials and agencies across the county, to protect API residents and victims of discrimination and to curb hate acts related to COVID-19 for other groups, including, but not limited to, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Muslim, Jewish, and LGBTQIA communities, and people with disabilities.
  4. The City Council recommends that City staff link the Stop AAPI Hate reporting center on the City’s website to join the national effort of documenting and combating anti-API discrimination.
  5. The City Council encourages the City to partner with the County of San Diego, healthcare providers and community-based organizations to educate the public on mental health services for those who have been traumatized or otherwise stigmatized by anti-API hate.
  6. The City Council encourages City staff to work with the San Diego Human Relations Commission in documenting and investigating incidents of anti-API racism and promote respect for all residents in businesses and public areas.
  7. The City Council encourages City Departments to ensure that all information, such as public health information and emergency and disaster relief resources, is disseminated effectively to Limited English Proficient (LEP) communities.
  8. The City Council encourages City Departments to ensure that eligible minority-owned and disadvantaged small businesses have fair access to the City’s resources, such as the Small Business Relief Fund, and can be directed to language assistance where needed.
  9. The City Council urges the City to partner with community-based organizations to highlight API stories and uplift the contributions of API-owned businesses and API-led organizations.
  10. The City calls upon all counties, cities, and local governments across the United States to adopt similar commitments to reaffirm their solidarity with API communities and commit to combating hate and improving health equity.