Official City of San Diego Seal

The official seal of the City of San Diego was adopted by the City Council on April 14, 1914, and superseded a design that had been in use since Jan. 5, 1888. City Logo

  • The pillars of Hercules are used as supporters to recall the ancient territorial jurisdiction of Spain.
  • The winged wheel represents manufacturing and transportation.
  • The two connected dolphins symbolize the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, inseparably united by the Panama Canal.
  • The motto, "Semper Vigilans," means "ever vigilant."
  • The orange tree represents agriculture
  • The Spanish caravel represents the exploration and settlement by the Spanish.
  • The blue wavy band below it represents the city's position on the sea.
  • The mission or carmelite belfry suggests early settlement by the mission fathers.

PDF icon The Heraldic Seal of the City of San Diego