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Kevin L. Faulconer became the 36th mayor of San Diego on March 3, 2014, on a campaign message of bringing San Diego together and restoring integrity to City Hall.

Shortly after taking office, Mayor Faulconer began implementing his vision for "One San Diego," a unified city with an inclusive city government that creates opportunities for San Diegans and delivers results for every neighborhood.

His accomplishments include directing 50 percent of all new major revenue toward neighborhood improvements; doubling the miles of streets repaired annually; hiring the first female police chief in San Diego history; improving emergency response times in underserved neighborhoods; increasing hours at libraries and recreation centers to their highest level in a decade; creating a year-round indoor homeless shelter for families and veterans that replaced temporary outdoor winter tents; negotiating a five-year agreement with police officers to address recruitment and retention problems; helping innovative companies grow and expand right here in San Diego, and bringing a customer-service attitude to city government.

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