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Mayor Gloria Signs Executive Order to Enforce COVID-19 Provisions


December 30, 2020


SAN DIEGO Aslocalhospitals andintensive care unitsthreaten tooverflow whilethe coronavirussurges through the region, Mayor Todd Gloria today signed an executive orderallowing forfines up to $1,000 forthose whoblatantly defyprovisions of Stateorders or the San Diego County public health order.The executive order also limits parking enforcement to aid with Californias stay-at-home orders.

This comes just ahead of the New Years Eve holiday asMayor Gloriaurgedresidentsand businessestocomply withcurrentpublic health guidancefromthe State of Californiaand San Diego County public health officials.

As much as all of us want to celebrate the end of the year with our family and friends, it is more important than ever to heed the guidance of health officials atall levels andtakethe necessaryprecautions against the spread of COVID-19, Mayor Gloria said. Weowe it to the overburdened healthcare workers,all those suffering from economic hardships and the 1,400 San Diego families who lost a loved one to this terrible virusto do everything in our power to stopthis devastation from dragging on any longer than it must.COVID-19is not a joke this is a matter of lifeordeath.

To aid neighborhoods that have limited parking for residents, the City of San Diego will no longer enforceparking meterviolations,time limited parking,yellow commercial zones and short-term green zones. Red, white and blue parking areas will continue to be enforced to maintain public safety.

The executive order will be effective at 11:59 p.m. tonight.

Mayor Glorias executive order alsoreinforces current State and Countypublic health orders, which include:

  • The prohibition ofprivate gatherings of any size
  • All retailersoperating indoors must do so at no more than 20% capacity
  • No on-site consumption of food or drinks, including a ban on outdoor dining
  • Face coveringsmust be worn outside of the home, withspecific exceptionsasoutlined by the California Department of Public Health
  • Nonessential work, movement and gatherings must stop between 10 p.m. and 5 p.m.
  • All businesses not meeting the definition of essential business or State authorized sectors are considered nonessential businesses and must remain closed

Mayor Gloria has also directed the San Diego Police Department to coordinate enforcement actions with theCity Attorney,as well as county and state partner agencies.

San Diego City Council PresidentJennifer Campbellsaid:I applaud Mayor Gloria for acknowledging the continued COVID-19 health crisis by increasing enforcement of the recent health orders.The majority of San Diegans are taking appropriate measures to keep themselves and others safe by wearing a mask and not gathering. Those knowingly and willfully choosing to not follow public health guidelines deserve to be held accountable. With a vaccine on the horizon, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, let us be united in our defeat of this virus.

San Diego City Council President ProTemStephen Whitburn said:I fully support the Mayors decision to require compliance with the public health orders. His action today will save lives and enable us to reopen the economy as soon as possible.Since asking people to stay home creates parking challenges for residents in the citys urban center and elsewhere, I thank the Mayor for relaxing the parking regulations during this time. No one should get a parking ticket for doing the right thing to help stop the spread of this virus.

San Diego Councilmember Sean Elo-Rivera said:COVID-19 continues to be a tragic public health crisis with too many families losing loved ones and an economic disaster that is especially unfair to small businesses. Unfortunately, a small percentage of business owners are refusing to comply with public health orders and, as a result, are contributing to prolonging the health and economic crises. I applaud the Mayor's Executive Order as we must not stand by idly as a few bad actors risk the communitys well-being and I thank the many businesses that are prioritizing the health of their employees and community members by following public health orders.

San DiegoCounty Supervisor Nathan Fletcher said:We have to face the reality that our region is facing a great threat from the spread of COVID-19. Weare grateful to those individuals who are following the public health orders but must have widespread cooperation to slow the spread and stabilize our healthcare system.

Brett McClain, Chief Operating Officer at Sharp HealthCaresaid:San Diegos healthcare system is stretched to capacity. We are pleading with the public to abide by the Public Health Order, and we applaud Mayor Glorias leadership in directing City resources toward enforcing these life-saving measures.

Over2,500 newcases were reportedyesterdayin San Diego County with the 14-day positivity rateat10.8%.San Diego County is included in theSouthernRegionwhich,currently has anintensive care unit capacity of 0%.

Per public health guidelines, Mayor Gloriaurges San Diegans toavoid gatheringsand non-essential activities,practicesocial distancing, thoroughly wash their hands with soap and use hand sanitizer.

For more information on the California Stay At Home order, including whats closed, whats open and which industries are exempted by the state, please

For information regarding COVID-19 cases and directives from County of San Diego public health officials, please COSD COVID19 to 468-311 for text alert updates.

For the updates on City of San Diego services, programs, links to helpful information and steps the public can take to help reduce the spread of the disease, please