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Reimbursement Agreement

Often times it is advantageous for the City to have a developer construct certain infrastructure improvements, which directly benefit the City, as well as the developer. The improvements consist of street improvements, parks, libraries, fire stations, and police stations. Reimbursement to developers could be in the form of cash and/or credits against future building permits issued. The City enters into agreements for the reimbursement to developers or other parties for the cost of infrastructure improvements which provide benefit to the community. These projects are included in either a Public Facilities Financing Plan (PFFP) or Impact Fee Study (IFS) and the City Capital Improvements Program (CIP) budget. 

Reimbursement Agreement Application Submittal

A Reimbursement Agreement requires a pre-submittal appointment. Please call (619) 533-3670 to schedule a pre-submittal appointment.

The developer will initiate a request to enter a Reimbursement Agreement with their Facilities Financing Manager. Please provide the following forms to Facilities Financing:

1) completed & signed General Application (DS-3032 form); and

2) completed & signed Deposit Account/Financially Responsible Party Form (DS-3242 form).

Please use the following hyper link for the most up-to-date forms available. http://www.sandiego.gov/development-services/industry/information/forms/number.shtml

After receiving the completed and signed forms, Facilities Financing will setup the Reimbursement Agreement project in the Project Tracking System (PTS), obtain a PTS number (also known as Project Number), and will have a Deposit Trust Fund Account opened.

The initial deposit for a Reimbursement Agreement project is $10,000.00. Subsequent reviews and a minimum balance of $5,000.00 is to be in the project’s deposit account.

After creating a project in PTS, Facilities Financing will inform the applicant when an invoice has been created to provide the invoice number and pay the invoice on-line at OpenDSD through the following hyperlink: http://www.sandiego.gov/development-services/opendsd/.

Reimbursement Agreement Contracts/Insurance Checklist for Public Works Department Review:

To facilitate the contracts Division review process insuring all required documents are in place.

Executed Reimbursement Agreements

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