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Rancho Peñasquitos Skate Park

Features of the Skate Park

With renovations completed in July 2014, Rancho Peñasquitos Skate Park now offers a 22,000-square-foot concrete skateboarding facility housing an impressive array of street and ramp styled features. Features added in the renovation include a multi-level skate plaza located in the southwest corner of the park with four stair handrail, bank ramps and grind box, double sided hubba grind ledge, high to low banked hip, banked hip with gap, angled manual pad, San Francisco styled Pier 7 manual pad and a generous staging area with seating. In the center of the park lives a new street style stage feature with loading dock element, multi-height grind ledges, grind rail with small euro gap, gap to hubba grind ledge with two small kicker ramps at different distances and a new twelve foot long grind rail. Along the southeast corner of the park is a new addition to the family of medium sized transition ramps at the park including both inside and outside radius corners with metal coping, a 3 to 4.5 foot ramp extension with grind ledge and large hipped bank ramp. The existing picnic table feature was renovated and set into a new medium sized bank ramp with euro gap. The western edge of the park now includes a wide quarter pipe with integrated grind ledge. Two of the parks grind rails have been upgraded and a new metal pole jam feature has been installed. Four new shade structures have been added to the park for relief from those hot summer days including three square cantilever sails and one large triangular shade structure over the skateplaza. Other original features of the skatepark include a three flat three double stair set with kinked handrail, a replica of the San Dieguito 10 stair rail with matching grind ledges, flat ledge and elevated pad, angled grind ledge, a spine ramp with transition hip, multi-height quarter pipe ramps with bowl corner, multi-height pyramid with ledges and rails, straight and curved bench style ledges and large bank ramp with launch ramp.

History of the Center

The third City skate park, Rancho Peñasquitos Skate Park was built with funding from Facility Benefits Assessment fees, grants and the special needs fund.

Directions and Bus Route

Map this location

From Interstate 15 north take state Route 56 west and then the Carmel Mountian Road exit, and head east. The skate park is on the right, just past the shopping center.

From Interstate 15 south take the Carmel Mountain Road exit and head west. The skate park is on the left.

The skate park is accessible by bus via SDMTS Routes 20, 844 and 850.