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About the Update

The Mission Valley Community Plan Update, a high priority for the Mayor and the City, represents a significant planning effort for the City of San Diego. The Update will establish goals and objectives for future improvements and development that will implement the policies contained within the City's General Plan while enhancing the community for existing and future community residents, businesses and organizations.

Project Description

In conjunction with the community, the City staff and the consultant team are in the process of preparing a comprehensive update of the 1985 Mission Valley Community Plan and Mission Valley Planned District Ordinance Zoning regulations.

The community plan will implement the updated General Plan by utilizing the General Plan elements to ensure that the new citywide policies and programs from the General Plan are reflected in the community plan. The updated community plan will include the following 10 elements and identify a land use plan to address land use conflicts: Land Use and Community Planning; Mobility; Urban Design; Economic Prosperity; Public Facilities, Services and Safety; Recreation; Historic Preservation; Noise; Housing; and Implementation.

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