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Cold Case: Harold Stubbs


If you have a tip, call the SDPD Homicide Unit at 619-531-2293. For anonymous tips, call Crimestoppers at 888-580-8477 or submit your tip online.

Harold Stubbs

July 21, 1986

1342 Eighth Avenue


Harold Stubbs lived alone in an apartment at 1342 Eighth Avenue. Stubbs was last seen alive on Sunday evening, July 20, 1986, at about 3:30 p.m. when he briefly visited his next-door neighbor. Stubbs told the neighbor he had a couple of friends over and was getting some beer to bring back. The neighbor never saw Stubbs after that but continued to hear Stubbs and his guests partying and talking in Stubbs' apartment until about 9 p.m., at which time the neighbor heard the guests leave. After that it was quiet.

The following morning, Stubbs failed to show up at work. The manager of the complex and another tenant entered his apartment and found Stubbs dead inside his bedroom. He had been bound hand and foot and strangled to death.

A neighbor saw a brown car similar to a Ford Pinto, with Florida license plates, parked in front of Stubbs' apartment that weekend. At various times the neighbor also saw two males in their 20s going back and forth between the car and Stubbs' apartment. The neighbor described one of the men as dark-haired with a mustache, and one as blond-haired.

Investigators would like to speak to a subject named Felipe Sanchez Gomez (pictured below) regarding this case. Gomez was a close friend of the victim and may have information of benefit to the case. Gomez was described as being 29 to 32 years old at the time of this incident, about 5'7" tall and 150 lbs. Gomez at one time lived at 4029 Delta Street and had a brother named Alfonso who worked for National Steel and Shipbuilding and lived at 2502 Division Street.