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Cold Case: Marianne Jutta Amaya


If you have a tip, call the SDPD Homicide Unit at 619-531-2293. For anonymous tips, call Crimestoppers at 888-580-8477 or submit your tip online.

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February 18, 1988

4180 Ute Drive


The victim is a 48-year-old German woman. She was strangled, struck with a blunt object, and her throat was slashed.

When the victim's husband returned from work in the afternoon he found his wife's body on the floor in the master bedroom. The front door of the residence was open, but that was normal in the household as the family had a cat.

The suspect ransacked the house and took a few items of little monetary value but the items are unique in appearance.

Photos of three of the stolen items are included.

Item #1 - One U.S. Diver's Seahawk diving knife and sheath. The sheath is the same as shown in the photograph, however the knife is only similar to the one shown in the photo.

Item #2 - One gold bracelet with an etched flower design and a built-in clasp.

Item #3 - One set of porcelain Chinese Foo Dogs. The statues are 6" to 8" in height and 4" across the base. They have the same basic colors as the two shown in the photograph.