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Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is a recurring and deliberate pattern of abusive behaviors perpetrated by a partner (or former partner) to gain power and maintain control over another and affects people from all backgrounds. Learn more about the warning signs of abuse from the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Report Domestic Violence

If there is an immediate danger to someone or a medical emergency, call 9‑1‑1.

If you would like to report abuse, but there is not an immediate danger to the individual, call the non-emergency line at 619-531-2000 or 858-484-3154 to report the abuse.

You can also call the San Diego Domestic Violence Hotline at 888-385-4657.

Considerations for Victims of Domestic Violence

The following should be taken into consideration if you are experiencing instances of domestic violence:

  • File a report and get a case number. A detective will contact you about the case.
  • Should you choose to remain in your present situation, your safety is extremely important. Consider keeping an emergency bag packed with clothing, money, emergency phone numbers and toys for children.
  • Many batterers, unless held accountable, will batter again! We recommend obtaining a restraining order. A temporary restraining order will be granted for a period of ten days. If the order is granted by the Family Court Judge, it is recommended that you give a copy of the restraining order to the Marshal, so that the offender can be served. Both you, and the offender will be ordered to return in ten days, so it can be finalized for a period of THREE YEARS.
  • Make copies of the restraining order, so you, family members, friends, neighbors, school officials and your employer can be aware of the situation. If you have the restraining order BEFORE you call the police, give a copy to the officer.
  • Keep a record of all violations of the terms of the restraining order. Keep it in a secure place. Report all violations to the detective in charge of your case.
  • Change your home locks.
  • Consider getting a dog.
  • Get a new phone number. Tell your family and friends not to give out the number to anyone else.


San Diego Domestic Violence Hotline

About SDPD's Domestic Violence Unit

SDPD's Domestic Violence Unit is located within the Your Safe Place - A Family Justice Center, which houses public and private agencies that work together to address domestic violence.

The Domestic Violence Unit works closely with community partners such as the Center for Community Solutions, Rady Children's Hospital-Chadwick Center, San Diego Volunteer Lawyers, San Diego City Attorney's Office, San Diego District Attorney's Office, County and City Victim-Witness programs and numerous others.