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Alarm Permits & Payments

The City of San Diego requires permits for burglary, robbery, fire and harmful gas alarm systems for both residential and commercial properties. You may apply and pay your alarm permit fees online. You can also download, fill in and print the application.

Apply or Pay for an Alarm Permit

Business Permits

Certain types of business activities are regulated by the San Diego Police Department and require a Police Permit. The Office of the City Treasurer administers the application and photo ID process for these business activities. For additional information, visit the City Treasurer’s website for Police Regulated Business Activities.

Pedicab Restricted Decal Issuance

As of March 2020, there are only a limited number of Pedicab Decals issued. Decals are available for purchase at the City of San Diego, Office of the City Treasurer located at 1200 Third Avenue Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92101.

Decals are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Special Events Permits

The City of San Diego issues Special Event Permits for the portions of a special event that incorporate the use of: City public streets, sidewalks, right-of-ways; City public parks or other City public property; and outdoor private property, only when the property is part of a special event venue that includes City public property.

For example, a parking lot used as part of a festival venue. Examples of special events include festivals, parades, runs/walks, farmer’s markets and other planned group activities that require the coordination of a number of city departments or other agencies such as the use of alcohol, on-site cooking, food sales, or large-scale temporary structures.

Live Scan Fingerprints

The police-regulated businesses require fingerprinting as part of the business tax application. The California Department of Justice requires that all applicant fingerprint submissions be transmitted electronically. Complete the PDF icon Fingerprint (Live Scan) Request Form, then take it to any of the Live Scan locations.


Any information you provide will be held in strict confidence by the San Diego Police Department, its agents and employees. It will be used solely for the purpose of processing your requests. It will not be sold, distributed or otherwise disclosed for commercial purposes. This information may be released to third parties only with your prior written consent.

About SDPD Permits and Licensing Unit

San Diego Police Permits and Licensing works to uncover and prevent illegal activity from occurring in those businesses or occupations deemed police regulated pursuant to Chapter 3, Article 3, Divisions 1-45 of the San Diego Municipal Code. Police Permits and Licensing closely monitors the regulated activities through the permit and licensing process, investigations and inspections. Police Permits and Licensing enforces the laws and regulations by working in cooperation with the regulated businesses, encouraging voluntary compliance, and being responsive to the community's concerns regarding vice and criminal activity.