Cold Cases 1986 - 1990

Fugitive Suspect
Photo 1 of Fugitive Suspect Bayardo

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Fugitive Suspect
Photo 2 of Fugitive Suspect Bayardo

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Victim: Carlos Luna

Fugitive Suspect: Salvador Bayardo

Date: February 2, 1986

Address: 3800 Birch Street

Synopsis: Salvador Bayardo is wanted for the murder of Carlos Luna that occurred at 3800 Birch Street on February 2, 1986. There is an outstanding felony arrest warrant charging Bayardo with murder.

On February 2, 1986, Luna became involved in an altercation with the suspect Bayardo. According to a witness, the altercation occurred because Bayardo believed Luna was sleeping with his wife. At some point during the incident, Bayardo pulled out a handgun and shot Luna multiple times. Bayardo then retrieved his children from the house, grabbed his wife by her hair and dragged her to his car. Bayardo was last seen speeding off in his car, a 1970 green two-door Buick, California license 971CUZ.

Luna suffered two gunshot wounds to his torso. He was transported to the hospital where he died.

Bayardo is a Mexican national who could be living either in Mexico or the United States. He should be considered armed and dangerous. He was born on 7/13/56 and is 5' 7” tall and 150 lbs with brown hair and brown eyes. He goes by several names including: Salvador Bayardo Martinez, Israel Martinez Dominguez and Israel Dominguez Martinez.
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Photo of Victim Georgia Haggai

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Victim: Georgia Haggai

Date: March 31, 1986

Address: 9900 Dichondra Court

Synopsis: Georgia Haggai was shot to death when she answered her front door just before dawn on March 31, 1986.

Neighbors phoned police after they were awakened by gunshots at about 5 a.m. Officers arrived to find Haggai lying in her entryway, clad in a robe and dead from multiple gunshot wounds to the head and upper body. Haggai's front door was standing open and the screen door was shut but unlocked. There were no signs of forced entry into the house and no signs of a struggle.

A neighbor saw a single suspect running away from Haggai's residence immediately after the gunfire. The suspect disappeared down the street, and another neighbor then heard the screeching tires of a car speeding away. The suspect was never identified.

Detectives believe that Haggai must have known her assailant because she was very security conscious.

Haggai was a prominent and successful San Diego businesswoman. She was the owner and president of Georgia's Inc., a temporary personnel service for bookkeepers and accountants. She was also a physical fitness enthusiast and was actively involved in her community, particularly as a member of the Soroptimists.

Photo of Victim Ed LeDuc

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Victim: Ed LeDuc

Date: May 14, 1986

Address: 3131 Berger Avenue

Synopsis: In 1985 and 1986, a series of commercial burglaries kept law enforcement officials busy throughout the San Diego area. The burglars worked in groups, breaking windows with rocks to gain entry to office buildings and taking valuable office equipment such as IBM Selectric typewriters.

On May 14, 1986 at about 6:10 a.m., Ed LeDuc, an unarmed Sharp Hospital security officer, was checking the corporate office building at 3131 Berger Avenue when he apparently interrupted one of these burglaries in progress. The suspects attacked LeDuc and clubbed him to death with an antique rifle removed from one of the offices. The suspects then fled, leaving behind several IBM Selectric typewriters stacked just inside a door leading to the parking lot.

Photo of Victim Linda Younger

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Victim: Linda Younger

Date: June 27, 1986

Address: 1900 San Diego Avenue

Synopsis: Linda Younger worked as a cab driver for Yellow Cab. On June 27, 1986, shortly after midnight, a supervisor for the Yellow Cab Company responded to an address in Old Town to check a citizen's complaint of an unattended cab parked at the curb with its lights shining into a window. The supervisor arrived there and found Younger, who had been shot to death while sitting in the front seat of her cab. The motive for the shooting was presumed to be either robbery or attempted robbery. Detectives noted that Younger was shot while sitting in the front passenger seat of her cab, not in the driver's seat where she would normally sit to operate the cab. This case may be related to the murder of cab driver Sharyn Kamrath which occurred one month later on July 29, 1986.

Photo of Victim Harold Stubbs

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Person of Interest
Photo of Person of Interest

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Victim: Harold Stubbs

Date: July 21, 1986

Address: 1342 Eighth Avenue

Synopsis: Harold Stubbs lived alone in an apartment at 1342 Eighth Avenue. Stubbs was last seen alive on Sunday evening, July 20, 1986, at about 3:30 p.m. when he briefly visited his next-door neighbor. Stubbs told the neighbor he had a couple of friends over and was getting some beer to bring back. The neighbor never saw Stubbs after that but continued to hear Stubbs and his guests partying and talking in Stubbs' apartment until about 9 p.m., at which time the neighbor heard the guests leave. After that it was quiet.

The following morning, Stubbs failed to show up at work. The manager of the complex and another tenant entered his apartment and found Stubbs dead inside his bedroom. He had been bound hand and foot and strangled to death.

A neighbor saw a brown car similar to a Ford Pinto, with Florida license plates, parked in front of Stubbs' apartment that weekend. At various times the neighbor also saw two males in their 20s going back and forth between the car and Stubbs' apartment. The neighbor described one of the men as dark-haired with a moustache, and one as blond-haired.

Investigators would like to speak to a subject named Felipe Sanchez Gomez regarding this case. Gomez was a close friend of the victim and may have information of benefit to the case. Gomez was described as being 29 to 32 years old at the time of this incident, about 5'-7” tall and 150 lbs. Gomez at one time lived at 4029 Delta Street and had a brother named Alfonso who worked for National Steel and Shipbuilding and lived at 2502 Division Street. (See photo of Felipe Gomez pictured above.)

Fugitive Suspect
Sketch of Fugitive

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Victim: Sharyn Kamrath

Date: July 29, 1986

Address: 8100 Gilman Drive

Synopsis: Sharyn Kamrath worked as a cab driver for Coast Cab. On the night of July 29, 1986, she picked up a male fare at Sixth Avenue and Broadway in downtown San Diego. The man got into the back seat and asked to go to 8101 Gilman Drive in La Jolla.

When Kamrath eventually pulled off the I-5 Freeway onto Gilman Drive, (an undeveloped area in 1986) the man produced a handgun and ordered Kamrath to pull to the curb. The man robbed Kamrath of ten dollars in cash, ordered her to move to the passenger seat, shot her in the neck at point-blank range and pushed her out through the passenger door onto the shoulder of the road. The man then drove away in Kamrath's cab. Kamrath's cab was found two hours after the shooting, abandoned on Fourth Avenue near Upas Street in Hillcrest.

Several passers-by alerted police when they saw Kamrath lying on the side of the road. Kamrath was rushed to a nearby hospital, and although she was paralyzed from the neck down, she was conscious and alert and gave officers a detailed account of what had occurred and a description of the suspect.

Kamrath described the suspect as follows: a black male, late 20s to early 30s, with a medium build, clean shaven and with short black hair. The suspect possibly had a Cuban, Dominican or Puerto Rican accent. (See sketch pictured above.)

Unfortunately, Kamrath was never able to recover from her injury and died in the hospital on August 26, 1986.

This case may be related to the murder of cab driver Linda Sue Younger, which occurred one month earlier in Old Town.

Fugitive Suspect
Photo of Victor Estrada-Escalante aka "El Burro"

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Fugitive Suspect:Victor Estrada-Escalante (aka: "El Burro")

Victim:Gonzalo Arellano Alvarez (aka: "Chalo")

Date: January 8, 1987

Address: 3126 Clay Street

Synopsis: The suspect is a Hispanic male who was in his 20's at the time of the murder. He is 6'1”, 200 lbs, with black hair and brown eyes. He has a medium complexion and was clean shaven. He is known to be arrogant, headstrong and pushy. He is also known to be a drug dealer. It is believed that he may now shave his head and he may have gained weight. He may also now have a thick mustache. After the murder he fled to Mexico where he remains a fugitive from justice. It is believed that he fled to Chilapa, Municipio Rosa Morada, Nayarit, Mexico. An outstanding warrant for his arrest is still in effect.

On January 28, 1987, the victim and the suspect had an altercation regarding the suspect dealing drugs at the apartment complex. Witnesses at the scene said that the suspect called the victim to the side of the house from an adjoining yard. The witnesses then heard gunshots and found the victim next to the fence with gunshot wounds. He later died from those wounds.

Victim: James Charles Ferguson

Date: May 15, 1987

Address: 10370 Friars Road

Synopsis: Officers were dispatched to a restaurant at 10370 Friars Road. Upon arrival they found the victim behind the restaurant suffering from three small caliber gunshot wounds to the back. He later died of his injuries.

Investigation revealed that the victim was contacted by two black males as he stood behind the restaurant. There was no indication that the victim knew the two men and robbery is the probable motive.

The victim was a 24 year old white male. He was an employee at the restaurant. He had just gotten off work and was standing outside in the rear parking lot of the restaurant with another employee. When the other employee went back inside he observed two black males approach the victim. A short time later the victim was found lying on the walkway just outside the door.

The two suspects are described as follows: 1) black male in his 20's, 5'6”, very slim, very dark complexion, clean shaven, unkempt, wearing a baseball cap; 2) black male, 21-22, 5'8”, not fat or thin, looked

Photo Unavailable

Victim: Grace Hayden (photo not available)

Date: May 20, 1987

Address: 4400 36th Street

Synopsis: Grace Hayden was a 79-year old woman who lived alone in a single bedroom home on 4400 36th street, in the Normal Heights area. She was a kind lady who often kept to herself except for a daily visit by a home care person and a weekly visit by a social worker.

Hayden was last known to be alive on May 19, 1987 when she received her daily visit by her home care person. On the following afternoon, Hayden was discovered dead, lying on the floor. Hayden had been sexually assaulted and strangled to death. The evidence suggests that the unknown suspect entered the front or back door that was often kept unlocked.

Photo of Victim Dewan Emerson

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Victim: Dewan Emerson

Date: August 28, 1987

Address: 5200 Naranja Street

Synopsis: The victim, 15-year-old Dewan Emerson, was last seen alive by his mother on April 28, 1987, at 11:30 p.m. Dewan told his mother he was stepping outside for a few minutes to talk to a male who had come by the house. Dewan told his mother he knew the male and it would only be a few minutes. Dewan disappeared and never returned.

The following morning, two employees of the San Diego Trolley discovered Dewan's body at the bottom of a drainage ditch on 5200 Naranja Street, a short distance from his home, partially concealed by an overhanging shrub. Dewan had been strangled and his body had been partially mutilated. An autopsy revealed Dewan's hands had been tied and he had been sexually assaulted.

The male who came to Dewan's door has never been identified.

Fugitive Suspect
Photo of Fugitive Suspect Frank, Rey or Terry

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Fugitive Suspect: Frank, Rey or Terry

Victim: Armando Alvarez

Date: November 12, 1987

Address: "Chat-N-Chew Bar" in Logan Heights

Synopsis: The suspect photo show above, known only as Frank, Rey or Terry, is wanted for the murder of Armando Alvarez that occurred on November 12, 1987.

On the evening of November 12, 1987 Armando Alvarez was at the “Chat-N-Chew” bar in Logan Heights playing a game of pool when he became involved in an argument with the suspect. The suspect accused Armando of spreading rumors that the suspect was counterfeiting money. When tempers escalated, the suspect pulled out a revolver and chased Armando around the bar, eventually chasing him outside and fatally shooting him.

The suspect is described as Cuban male, who goes by the names “Frank” “Rey” or “Terry.” At the time of the offense the suspect was between 45-48 years old, 6' tall, medium build, clean-shaven, and wore prescription, dark-framed clear lens glasses.

Photo of Victim William Arthur Robinson

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Victim: William Arthur Robinson

Date: February 9, 1988

Address: 3500 Juniper Street

Synopsis: William Robinson was a retired navy Captain who lived in Coronado. He was killed while looking at undeveloped land in an empty canyon in the North Park area of San Diego. Robinson, who was a land developer, had been surveying a prospective development site with a friend, Dan Carnthwaite. Mr. Robinson lost his car keys and asked Mr. Carnthwaite to walk back to the office for a second set of keys. Upon returning to the canyon Mr. Carnthwaite discovered Mr. Robinson's body. Mr. Robinson suffered stab wounds to the neck and blunt force injuries to his head.

Initial investigation didn't turn up a suspect(s), although several people were interviewed. New information is needed to continue with this case.

Items Stolen

Photo of items stolen

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Photo of

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Photo of

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Photo of

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Victim: Marianne Jutta Amaya

Date: February 18, 1988

Address: 4180 Ute Drive

Synopsis: The victim is a 48-year-old German woman. She was strangled, struck with a blunt object, and her throat was slashed.

When the victim's husband returned from work in the afternoon he found his wife's body on the floor in the master bedroom. The front door of the residence was open, but that was normal in the household as the family had a cat.

The suspect ransacked the house and took a few items of little monetary value but the items are unique in appearance.

Photos of three of the stolen items are included.

  • Item #1 - One U.S. Diver's Seahawk diving knife and sheath. The sheath is the same as shown in the photograph, however the knife is only similar to the one shown in the photo.
  • Item #2 - One gold bracelet with an etched flower design and a built-in clasp.
  • Item #3 - One set of porcelain Chinese Foo Dogs. The statues are 6” to 8” in height and 4” across the base. They have the same basic colors as the two shown in the photograph.

Victim: John Henry Duffin

Date: March 12, 1988

Address: 4300 Van Dyke Street

Synopsis: The victim is a 68-year-old white male who was visiting friends in San Diego with his wife. They went out to dinner and upon arrival at the restaurant, Duffin dropped everyone off and found parking two blocks away from the restaurant. After dinner, he left alone to retrieve the car. When he didn't return for a period of time, his wife and friends went looking for him. They found police officers and paramedics treating him. He later died as a result of his injuries.
Duffy had been brutally beaten and robbed of his wallet and credit cards. One suspect is described as a black male, late 30s or early 40s, 6'6” to 6'8”, 300 lbs., with a mustache, a sparse beard, and a beer belly. The other suspect was a black male, late 30s or early 40s, thin build with a scraggly beard. The suspect vehicle is a 1974-1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo or Buick Regal or Oldsmobile Cutlass. It was black with chipped paint.

Victim: Jose Ramirez-Castañeda (photo not available)

Date: May 6, 1988

Address: 2849 K Street

Synopsis: Antonio Rojas is wanted for the murder of Jose Ramirez-Castañeda that occurred at 2849 K Street on May 6, 1988. There is an outstanding felony arrest warrant charging Antonio Rojas with murder.

On the morning of May 6, 1988, Rojas knocked on the front door of 2849 K Street looking for Ramirez-Castañeda. A young boy answered the door and Rojas walked in. Ramirez-Castañeda was sleeping in the living room and started to get up when Rojas shot him once in the chest. Rojas then ran out the door and fled the scene in a light blue 1980 AMC Spirit, two-door, California license # 2HXN509. The shooting was the end result of an earlier physical altercation between Rojas and Ramirez-Castañeda.

Later that morning, at about 9 a.m., Rojas was stopped at the San Clemente checkpoint. Border Patrol agents, who at that point had no way of knowing that Rojas had just killed someone, took Rojas into custody for illegal entry and deported him back to Mexico. By the time detectives started their search for the killer, Rojas had disappeared into Mexico.

Rojas is originally from San Felipe, Nayonit, Municipio Tecuala, Mexico, where his father owned a small bar.
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Fugitive Suspect
Photo of Fugitive Suspect Melvin Pacheco

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Fugitive Suspect
Photo of Fugitive Suspect Melvin Pacheco

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Fugitive Suspect
Photo of Fugitive Suspect Melvin Pacheco

PDF icon See larger view (Melvin Pacheco)

Victim: Carlos Pacheco

Fugitive Suspect: Melvin Pacheco

Date: May 8, 1988

Address: 3633 Marlborough Avenue

Synopsis: Melvin Pacheco is wanted for the murder of his cousin Carlos Pacheco that occurred at 3633 Marlborough Avenue on May 8, 1988. There is an outstanding felony arrest warrant charging Melvin Pacheco with murder.

On May 8, 1988, the victim Carlos Pacheco and the suspect Melvin Pacheco were in the victim's apartment. They began arguing and during the course of the argument, Melvin Pacheco retrieved a knife from the kitchen and stabbed Carlos Pacheco in the abdomen. Carlos exited the apartment and made his way to a nearby corridor where he collapsed and died. Melvin Pacheco fled the scene on foot.

Melvin Pacheco is a Honduran national and at one time was believed to have made his way back to San Pedro Sola, Colonia las Brizas, Honduras. Melvin and Carlos Pacheco grew up in the same city in Honduras.

Persons who might have knowledge of Melvin Pacheco's whereabouts include:

1) Jose Francisco Pacheco-Iriarte DOB 07-21-59, the suspect's brother; 2) Freddie Rene Pacheco-Iriarte DOB 5-21-62, the victim's brother, and; 3) Belsy Nineth Quijada-Gutierrez DOB 8-31-70, Freddie Pacheco's girlfriend.

All are believed to be Honduran nationals.
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Fugitive Suspect
Photo of Fugitive Suspect Victor Hugo Garcia Sandoval

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Fugitive Suspect: Victor Hugo Garcia Sandoval

Victim: Alfredo Estrada, 24

September 3, 1988

Address: 3142 National Avenue

Synopsis: The suspect Victor Hugo Garcia Sandoval is wanted for the murder of 24-year-old Alfredo Estrada that occurred on September 3, 1988 at 3142 National Avenue. There is an outstanding felony arrest warrant charging Sandoval with murder.

On the evening of September 3, 1988, the victim Alfredo Estrada and several friends attended a baptismal party at 3142 National Avenue. During the party, one of Estrada's friends became involved in a verbal argument with the woman who owned the house. The argument escalated into a fight involving Estrada's friend and the suspect, Victor Sandoval. Sandoval produced a knife and stabbed Estrada's friend in the chest, at which point Estrada came to his friend's defense and was also stabbed. Estrada's friend survived his injuries but Estrada suffered multiple stab wounds and died at a local hospital.

Victor Hugo Garcia Sandoval is a Hispanic male born 12-18-65. He is 5'6” tall and weighs 135 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. Sandoval reportedly fled to Mexico following the shooting.
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Fugitive Suspect
Photo Unavailable

Fugitive Suspect: Florentino Galena Reyes

Victim: Nicolasa Salgado, 40

Date: September 29, 1988

Address: 2204 Island Avenue

Synopsis: The suspect Florentino Reyes is wanted for the murder of his girlfriend Nicolasa Salgado, 40, that occurred on September 29, 1988 at 2204 Island Avenue. There is an outstanding felony arrest warrant charging Reyes with murder.

On September 29, 1988, the suspect Reyes, his girlfriend Nicolasa Salgado and their daughter were at home asleep. Reyes woke up and told Salgado to move to the other side of the bed. When she did not immediately comply, Reyes removed a handgun from beneath the bed and shot her in the torso. Their daughter witnessed the shooting. Salgado was rushed to the hospital where she died later that morning. Reyes fled the apartment and has been on the run ever since.

Reyes is a Hispanic male. His exact date of birth in unknown, but at the time of the incident he was 43 years old. He is 5'4” tall and weighs 165 lbs., with black hair and brown eyes. At the time of the incident Reyes was clean-shaven. Reyes has a two-inch scar on his left side, near the rib cage. He wears upper dentures, and his lower left front tooth is smaller than the rest of his lower teeth. There are some marks on both calves that may be varicose veins. His left big toe has a scar from the removal of an ingrown toenail.

Reyes was born in Acapulco, Mexico, and is a Mexican national. He came to the United States from San Geronimo, Mexico. He has relatives in Los Angeles and Chicago. It is believed he fled to Mexico immediately following the shooting.

Fugitive Suspect
Photo of Fugitive Suspect Domingo Gomez-Pantaleon

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Photo of Fugitive Suspect Domingo Gomez-Pantaleon

PDF icon See larger view (Domingo Gomez-Pantaleon)

Photo of Fugitive Suspect Domingo Gomez-Pantaleon

PDF icon See larger view (Domingo Gomez-Pantaleon)

Photo of Fugitive Suspect Domingo Gomez-Pantaleon

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Photo of Fugitive Suspect Domingo Gomez-Pantaleon

PDF icon See larger view (Domingo Gomez-Pantaleon)

Photo of Fugitive Suspect Domingo Gomez-Pantaleon

PDF icon See larger view (Domingo Gomez-Pantaleon)

Photo of Fugitive Suspect Domingo Gomez-Pantaleon

PDF icon See larger view (Domingo Gomez-Pantaleon)

Photo of Fugitive Suspect Domingo Gomez-Pantaleon

PDF icon See larger view (Domingo Gomez-Pantaleon)

Fugitive Suspect: Domingo Gomez-Pantaleon aka "Mingo"

Date: January 17, 1989

Address: 3300 Cedar Street

Victor GOMEZ, Mingo GOMEZ, Victor GOMEZ, "MINGO"

On January 17, 1989, DOMINGO GOMEZ and his brother, Austolio, murdered Jose Paulo Hernandez- Ulloa by shooting and stabbing
the victim inside a residence located in the 3300 block of "C" Street in San Diego, California. DOMINGO GOMEZ and his brother then
transported and dumped the victim's body at a nearby location. Austolio Gomez was subsequently arrested and convicted for his part
in the murder in 1990. DOMINGO GOMEZ fled and is wanted for his alleged involvement in the murder.

Date(s) of Births Used: March 17, 1990, March 8, 1970,
March 7, 1990
Race: Hispanic
Sex: Male
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 140 Pounds
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: Mexican
NCIC: W321641914, W244603622

Scars and Marks: Tattoos - "LOVE" on Left Hand, "Helda" within face of female on Left Arm, Dragon on Upper Back
Remarks: DOMINGO GOMEZ is known to have travelled to Las Vegas, Nevada and Acapulco, Mexico. It is believed DOMINGO
GOMEZ is from state of Michoacán, Mexico.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Domingo GOMEZ is asked to call the San Diego Police Department Homicide
Unit at (619) 531-2293 or the San Diego County Crime Stoppers anonymous tip line at (888) 580-8477 or at A
reward of up to $1,000.00 may be paid through San Diego County Crime Stoppers.
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Photo of Harrison Smith

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Victim: Harrison Smith, age 27

Date: April 14, 1989

Address: 200 South 32nd Street

Synopsis: On the evening of April 14, 1989, Harrison Smith, 27, was standing on the corner of 32nd and Webster Streets when a vehicle occupied by three males pulled up. Harrison approached the vehicle and leaned into the passenger side, at which point a struggle broke out between Harrison and one of the men in the car. The car left going northbound on 32nd Street with Harrison hanging out the window. Harrison was discovered moments later 1 ½ blocks up the street, lying on the pavement and suffering from a deep stab wound to the torso. Harrison was driven to a nearby hospital but died the following day.

The suspect vehicle was described as a larger, American made sedan, possibly a Ford or an Oldsmobile Delta 88.

Photo Unavailable

Victim: Sung Yee Barr, age 64

Date: May 16, 1989

Address: 4911 Diane Court

Synopsis: Sung Yee Barr, 64, and her 27-year-old son were attacked and beaten inside their Clairemont home in the early morning hours of May 16, 1989. The son survived his injuries but Mrs. Barr was less fortunate; as a result of the attack she died from multiple blunt force trauma injuries. Robbery appeared to be the motive because the suspect(s) stole a computer and both victims' cars from the residence.

Several days after the murder, police officers in East San Diego arrested a subject named Marco A. Torres, a.k.a. “Lobo,” (born 5-30-68) driving Mrs. Barr's stolen vehicle. In an interview with detectives, Torres admitted driving the car but denied any participation in the robbery/murder.

The son's car was recovered abandoned on a street in Logan Heights several days after the murder.

Fugitive Suspect
Photo of Fugitive Suspect Alberto Violante

PDF icon See larger view (Alberto Violante)

Fugitive Suspect: Alberto Violante (aka "El Petaco")

Date: May 27, 1989

Address: 2047 ½ 30th Street

Synopsis: Alberto Violante is wanted for the murders of Jesus Guetzala-Zeferino, 25 and Roberto Martinez-Ocampo, 23, that occurred on May 27, 1989 at 2047 ½ 30th Street. There is an outstanding felony arrest warrant charging Violante with two counts of murder.

Police officers responded to a “shots fired” call at a residence on 30th Street and found the victims lying on the living room floor. Both had been shot and stabbed. The motive appeared to be a residential robbery and “drug rip.” The victims and suspects (there were two suspects) were known to each other and all were small time drug dealers. Apparently, on the day of this incident, a fight broke out between the victims and suspects. One of the victims took out a handgun, but he was disarmed and shot with his own weapon, as was his companion.

The two suspects initially fled to Tijuana, Mexico. One suspect was subsequently arrested, but Alberto Violante is still outstanding.

Alberto Violante born 4-08-62, is a Hispanic male, 5'4” 140 lbs., with black hair and brown eyes. He has a scar on his nose.

Fugitive Suspect:

Photo of Antonia Morgan Orosco (aka Lefty)

PDF icon See larger view

Fugitive Suspect:

Photo of Antonia Morgan Orosco (aka Lefty)

PDF icon See larger view

Fugitive Suspect:

Photo of Antonia Morgan Orosco (aka Lefty)

PDF icon See larger view

Fugitive Suspect:

Photo of Antonia Morgan Orosco (aka Lefty)

PDF icon See larger view

Victim:Guero Guanato

Fugitive Suspect: Antonio Morgan Orosco (aka "Lefty")

Date: July 3, 1989

Address: 200 Front Street, San Ysidro

Synopsis: Antonio Morgan Orosco is wanted for the murder of Guero Guanato that occurred on July 3, 1989 in San Ysidro. There are two outstanding felony arrest warrants charging Orosco with murder and escape.

On July 3, 1989, ANTONIO MORGAN OROSCO and an associate only known as “Tavo” were involved in the murder of a male victim. The male victim was found shot to death in the 200 block of Front Street in the San Ysidro community of San Diego, California. OROSCO subsequently escaped custody and fled the area. OROSCO is wanted for his alleged involvement in the murder.

Antonio Morgan Orosco, also known as Sergio Martinez, Jesus Martinez and “Lefty” is a Hispanic male born 9-16-67. Orosco is 5'8” tall and 150 lbs. in weight, with brown hair and brown eyes. Orosco was a transient from Mexico.
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