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Rules and Regulations

photo of the no running sign
  1. All rules and requests made by pool staff must be followed. Pool staff reserve the right to dismiss individuals from facility.
  2. Walk at all times.
  3. All patrons must shower before entering the pool
  4. Children under 8 years of age or less than 48” in height must be accompanied by a guardian at least 16 years of age. Guardians must wear proper swim attire and always remain within arm’s reach of child.
  5. Children under 4 years of age must wear a swim diaper.
  6. Patron swimwear must not interfere with safety in the water.
  7. Dangerous practices and abusive language are prohibited.
  8. Only service animals are allowed in designated areas.
  9. People under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs will not be allowed entrance.
  10. Food and beverages are only allowed in designated areas.
  11. Alcohol/smoking/vaping/glass/gum are prohibited.
  12. Persons with a contagious illness, infection, or open wounds are not permitted in pool.
  13. Only properly sized Coast Guard approved life jackets are allowed.
  14. Sunbathers must lie or sit at least three feet away from the edge of the pool.
  15. During Recreational/Lap Swim programming, spectators accompanying a paid participant must remain in designated spectator area.
  16. Personal music devices are only allowed if used with earphones.