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The Predator... Is He Your Child's Friend Online?

Teen girl in potential internet danger with man in disguise

A predator will send a friend request to your child on their social media account, and begin to "groom" your child. They may:

  • Tell your child "I'm the only one who understands you"
  • Isolate your child from friends and family
  • Send gifts through the mail such as plane tickets, cell phone, etc.
  • Tell your child "I Love You"

In some cases, they may ask your child for pictures of themselves without their clothes on, then blackmail them in to:

  • Sending more pictures
  • Sending money
  • Meeting in person for sex

What to Do if You Suspect Your Child Is Communicating with a Predator Online

If your child is victimized:

  • Make it clear that the victimization is not his/her fault
  • Save all of the evidence of victimization, such as emails or instant message conversations
  • Contact your local law enforcement agency
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