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San Diego Internet Crimes Against Children (SDICAC) Task Force

Tips for Parents

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Knowing how to talk to your children about the possible dangers of the internet is important to your child's safety. Here are some tips on how to keep your child safe while online.

Open Communication

Talk to your child about what they enjoy doing online.  Use real examples of situations that children have gotten into using the internet.


Discuss with your children what your family's computer rules are, post them near the computer a s reminder to everyone.  View our suggestion of rules you may want to consider for your family.

Smart Phone Use

As parents we should all be aware of our child’s smart phone use. Listed below are some helpful links to assist you in controlling your child’s smart phone.

Social Networking

Social Networking sites like Facebook, should only be used by teens and not preteens. For teenagers who have their own page, parents should be able to see their profiles and monitor them as needed. Check out the booklet to the right, for step-by-step instructions and tips for parents to help keep kids safe while on Facebook.

Separate Accounts

Set different computer accounts for each family member and set parental controls on your child's account.

Computer Location

Keep the computer in the family room or in a high traffic area in the home.

Monitor Computer Activity

Check browser history . Periodically, check your computer's history and pay close attention to your child's recent and or frequently viewed sites.