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Commission on the Status of Women

About the Commission


There is hereby created a Commission on the Status of Women which shall consist of eleven (11) members who shall serve without compensation. The members shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council. The members shall serve two (2) year terms and each member shall serve until a successor is duly appointed and qualified. The members shall be appointed in such manner that the terms of not more than six (6) members shall expire in any year. The expiration date of all terms shall be March 1. During March of each year the Mayor may designate one (1) member as chairperson; however, in the absence of such designation, the Commission shall on or after April 15 select from among their members a chairperson. Any vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired term of the member whose place becomes vacant. The Commission shall adopt such rules, regulations and organizational structure for the conduct of its business as it may deem necessary. The Commission shall meet at least annually.

Duties and Functions

The Commission shall: (1) Maintain an active liaison with citizens groups interested in the problems facing women. (2) Find new ways of promoting awareness of the changing life patterns, opportunities and responsibilities of women today. (3) Investigate problems and recommend programs which will provide women in the San Diego area a greater opportunity and ability to pursue alternative lifestyles without discrimination. Such programs may include but shall not be limited to:

(A) The establishment and expansion of child care services. (B) Discrimination against single, divorced and widowed women when applying for credit. (C) Scarcity of adequate housing, especially for the divorced woman with children. (D) Discrimination based on marital status, which should not be a proper concern for most employers, potential creditors, landlords, etc. (E) Programs to retrain women who wish to pursue new careers. (F) Special problems of safety for women who live alone. (G) Special problems of the elderly woman living alone. (H) Determine availability of assistance to the mother raising children alone in dealing with problems of drugs, delinquency, etc. (4) Advise the Mayor and Council of the needs and problems of the women in the San Diego area. (5) Suggest to the Mayor and Council methods through which any existing inequities in pay and job opportunities between men and women can be alleviated. (6) Perform other studies and surveys on the status of women as may be specifically requested by the Mayor and Council and provide information and advice thereon. (7) Submit an annual report to the Council at the end of each fiscal year.