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Street Division

Traffic Signs

Photo of School Zone

Traffic Section personnel install and maintain over 2,000 traffic signs every month. The sections sign shop produces many different types of new traffic signs that are installed by our sign crews.

New sign production in the shop begins with large blank aluminum panels that shop workers cut to precise dimensions and then cover with adhesive-backed, reflective sheeting. The wording and images on the blank sign faces are applied by silk screening or computer-imaging lettering equipment. Some signs are overlaid with clear sheeting that is resistant to graffiti. This enables sign crews working in the field to quickly remove graffiti without damaging the sign face. However, this product is very expensive and is used sparingly.

Every day, sign crews remove old and faded traffic signs from City streets and return them to the sign shop. The signs approved for reuse are cleaned and refurbished. These signs are recovered with new reflective sheeting and wording. The signs are inventoried and eventually reinstalled in the field. Damaged signs are similarly collected and sent to an aluminum recycling vendor, who pays the City of San Diego the current market rate for recycled aluminum.

Odd-shaped signs, like Stops, Yields and School signs, are ordered from commercial sign vendors who have the technical equipment required to cut aluminum panels and make the signs. The sign shop orders almost 1,000 signs every month from sign vendors.

The sign shop also supplies and supports varied sign production needs for other City departments. Unique sign requests are filled each month for Police, Fire, Metro Wastewater, Water, Park and Recreation and Engineering and Capital Projects. The sign shop also makes the post decals for City parking meters and provides identifying decals for City of San Diego fleet equipment, featuring the Citys distinctive blue corporate marking and numbering.