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Sustainability and Mobility

ZEV Strategy

The City’s 2022 Climate Action Plan sets a target of net zero emissions by 2035. The transportation sector is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions and as such, the CAP includes measures to reduce emissions from this sector. CAP Measure 2.3. sets targets that support increasing electric vehicle adoption with a primary action to develop a citywide electric vehicle strategy. The Draft Zero Emissions Vehicles (ZEV) Strategy directly implements Measure 2.3.

The Draft ZEV Strategy serves as a guide for policy needs and opportunities, programs and process improvements, education and engagement, and critical partnerships to ensure equitable access and deployment of clean transportation solutions. It is designed to identify and address the short- and long-term opportunities and barriers of reaching the City’s ZEV goals. The ZEV Strategy identifies areas of action organized into five core strategy pillars that address the varied needs and diversity of our residents, businesses, and visitors. Each core pillar comprises actions designed to function concurrently, ranging from those already underway to those with implementation timelines through the 2035 CAP horizon. It places a premium on developing programs that encourage the integration of all modes into the broader transportation network and identifies actions the City must take to accelerate and accommodate ZEV adoption. Collectively the core strategies and their actions will help the City reach its climate goals. 

Download the Draft ZEV Strategy

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