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Protect San Diego’s beaches, bays, and waterways through participation in pollution prevention events and projects.

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Storm Water

Street Sweeping Pilot Study

The City of San Diego continues to explore new ways to help prevent storm water pollution. As part of this ongoing effort, the Storm Water Division conducted a pilot study of street sweeping options for neighborhoods adjacent to important waterways.

The study involved assessment of what kind of street sweeping equipment and sweeping frequency helped reduce the amount of pollutants on our roadways. Removing these pollutants keeps them from entering the storm drain system and flowing to our beaches and bays.

Storm Water

Rain Barrel/Downspout Disconnect Pilot Program

Storm Water

Low Impact Development/Capital Improvement Projects

Kellogg Park Green Lot Infiltration Project

The California State Water Resources Control Board created Areas of Special Biological Significance (ASBS) to protect our oceans and prevent pollution within some of the most pristine and biologically diverse sections of California’s coast. La Jolla is home to two ASBS, which encompass a large portion of the La Jolla Shores marine environment. To protect the water environment off the coast, pollution and other waste discharges into the ASBS are prohibited by the California Ocean Plan.

Storm Water

Pilot Projects

The City of San Diego Transportation & Storm Water Department conducts a number of pilot projects in an attempt to find the most efficient and cost-effective method in preventing pollution in local beaches, bays and the ocean. Projects include structural improvements to the City’s storm drain system, porous pavement projects, outreach programs designed to educate and change behaviors and attitudes in residents and businesses.

Storm Water

Chollas Creek Family Stream Team Initiative

Storm Water

43rd Street and Logan Avenue

Project Background

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Storm Water

Think Blue

One of the keys to cleaner ocean waters is public education. That is why the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program developed the "THINK BLUE" educational campaign. "Think Blue" seeks to educate residents, businesses and industry about the causes of storm water pollution and about pollution prevention behaviors that they can adopt to help improve our water quality.

Storm Water

Storm Water Services Frequently Asked Questions

Storm Water

Storm Drain Maintenance


The City of San Diego has over 75,000 storm drain structures and 889 miles of drainage pipe. The Storm Water Department is responsible for inspection, maintenance and repair of the storm drain system in the public right-of-way and in drainage easements. This includes clearing blocked drains, removing debris from storm drain structures, and cleaning and repairing damaged drainpipes.


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