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Office of the City Treasurer

Police Regulated Business Activities

In addition to the regulatory fee, regulated businesses applying for a new permit are assessed a non-refundable application fee of $74. Each additional owner or officer required to go through background will be assessed a $20 investigation fee. At the time of renewal, the non-refundable application fee is $70 plus $20 for each additional owner or officer.

Regulated businesses which require a Photo ID must apply in person and will be assessed a $16 Photo ID card fee.

Fees and Forms Table

The industries below may only register or renew in person due to the annual Photo ID requirement.

Permit TypeRegulatory FeeNew Application PacketRenewal Application Packet
Card Room Employee$51 per yearCard Room Emp NewCard Room Emp Renewal
Holistic Health Practitioner$114 per yearHolistic Health Pract NewHolistic Health Pract Renewal
Massage Therapist$338 per yearMassage Therapist NewMassage Therapist Renewal
Massage Therapist Off-Premise$1,083 per yearMassage Therapist Off-Premise NewMassage Therapist Off-Premise Renewal
Nude Entertainer$429 per yearNude Entertainer NewNude Entertainer Renewal
Outcall Nude Entertainer$1,943 per yearOutcall Nude Entertainer NewOutcall Nude Entertainer Renewal
Pedicab OperatorVariesPedicab Operator NewPedicab Operator Renewal
Promoter$524 per yearPromoter NewPromoter Renewal
Tow DriverN/ATow Driver NewTow Driver Renewal

The industries below may register or renew in person or via mail.

Permit TypeRegulatory FeeNew Application PacketRenewal Application Packet
Arcade$77 per yearArcade NewArcade Renewal
Auto Dismantler$446 per yearAuto Dismantler NewAuto Dismantler Renewal
Bingo$48 per yearBingo NewBingo Renewal
Bowling Alley$225 per yearBowling Alley NewBowling Alley Renewal
Card Room Business$2,476 per tableN/ACard Room Bus Renewal
Casino Party$296 per eventCasino Party NewN/A
Firearms Dealer$2,039 per yearFirearms Dealer NewFirearms Dealer Renewal
Firearms Dealer EmployeeN/AFirearms Dealer Employee NewN/A
Going Out of Business Sale$35 per eventGoing Out of Business NewN/A
Holistic Health Practitioner Business$1,457 per yearHolistic Health Pract Bus NewHolistic Health Pract Bus Renewal
Live Entertainment One-Time 50 +$293 per eventLive Ent One-Time 50 + NewN/A
Live Entertainment After-Hrs One-Time$667 per eventLive Ent After-Hrs One-Time NewN/A
Live Entertainment After-Hrs Ongoing$892 per yearLive Ent After-Hrs Ongoing NewLive Ent After-Hrs Ongoing Renewal
Live Entertainment Business PacketVariesLive Ent Bus Packet NewLive Ent Bus Packet Renewal
Massage Establishment$984 per yearMassage Establishment NewMassage Establishment Renewal
Massage Establishment (Sole Practitioner)$166 per yearMassage Establishment - SoleMassage Establishment – Sole Renewal
Money Exchange$764 per yearMoney Exchange NewMoney Exchange Renewal
Nude Entertainment Business$7,839 per yearNude Entertainment Bus NewNude Entertainment Bus Renewal
Outcall Nude Entertainment Bus.$12,666 per yearOutcall Nude Entertainment Bus NewOutcall Nude Entertainment Bus Renewal
Pawn Shop$442 per yearPawn Shop NewPawn Shop Renewal
Pedicab BusinessVariesPedicab Business NewPedicab Business Renewal
Peep Show$354 per boothPeep Show NewPeep Show Renewal
Pool Room$225 per yearPool Room NewPool Room Renewal
Public Convenience or Necessity$2,208 One-TimePublic Conv or Necessity NewN/A
Second Hand Dealer Non-Tangible$205 per decalSecond Hand Dealer Non-Tangible NewSecond Hand Dealer Non-Tangible Renewal
Second Hand Dealer Tangible$442 per yearSecond Hand Dealer Tangible NewSecond Hand Dealer Tangible Renewal
Swap Meet Lot$2,469 per yearSwap Meet Lot NewSwap Meet Lot Renewal
Tobacco Retailer$182 per yearTobacco Retailer NewTobacco Retailer Renewal