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Ordinance and Policy Changes

In order to implement the proposed Undergrounding Program and retention of 3% franchise fee, the City Council adopted the following:

These documents provide for the procedures and obligations of not only the City and SDG&E as it pertains to the franchise, but to all parties involved with the undergrounding program, including other utility companies and private property owners.

In summary, these documents provide that:

  • All utility companies owning facilities within the City of San Diego must provide yearly inventories of the location of all overhead facilities.
  • Once per year the City Council will adopt a prioritized Master Plan for undergrounding all existing overhead systems.
  • Once per year the City Council will allocate projects according to the allocation level. All projects allocated will be completed within 30 months unless an exception is granted.
  • Undergrounding will no longer be limited to streets that meet CPUC 20A criteria.
  • Private property owners will have a choice to allow SDG&E to convert their electric service instead of hiring a private contractor.
  • Joint trenches will be required for all utilities within an underground conversion project when technically feasible.
  • All underground conversion projects will receive new pavement resurfacing, new pedestrian ramps, damaged tree replacements and new street lighting at the conclusion of each project.
  • Defined project milestones for all utilities and other affected persons will be set by the City Manager at the time of public hearing. Failure to meet scheduled milestones will be subject to possibly include a schedule of fines.
  • All utilities will provide monthly progress reports and schedules in a format prescribed by the City Manager.
  • Twice per year, City staff will report to Council the status of the underground program.
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