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Utilities Undergrounding Program

Post Construction: Street Lights And Trees

Once the new underground utility lines are in place the City will construct the following types of public improvements:

Curb Ramps

Pedestrian curb ramps are installed where required by access law allowing wheelchairs to cross the street.

Street Lights

The old street lights that are attached to wooden poles are replaced with stand-alone fixtures in accordance with the City's current street light standards. In many cases residents will notice that the lighting locations have moved from their old locations and that additional lighting has been added. Since new lights cannot be placed until old poles are removed, there may be a short period without any street lighting.


Reasonable steps are taken to protect trees while work is in progress, but occasionally a tree must be removed for safety reasons. To reduce the impact associated with tree removal on these projects, new street trees are planted when the City is able to get a property owner to agree to water and care for the tree until it becomes established. More information about this opportunity is provided to property owners through the mail prior to construction.


Pavement damaged by the construction work is repaired and the street receives a slurry seal treatment at the end of the project.