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Utilities Undergrounding Program

Notification Process

Notifications occur throughout the project, but particularly around the time that design is being finalized and they are getting ready to start construction.

Property owners are invited to a community forum once the design is complete. The community forum is another opportunity for property owners and community members to give input on placement of utility boxes, placement of streetlights, and other areas where design flexibility remains. At the close of the forum, the design teams will need to "lock down" the design so that construction can proceed in an efficient and cost effective manner. The community forum will also include a presentation of what to expect in upcoming months, and an opportunity for community members to ask questions.

Construction crews will follow standard practices for notifying the public about upcoming construction that impacts streets and sidewalks including a door hanger approximately three weeks prior to start of construction.

Prior to start of construction property owners will receive a letter request to permission to enter private property in order to perform construction necessary for connection to the new underground utility service. Enclosed with the letter is a Permit To Enter which needs to be signed by the property owner. This is one of the most important actions that property owners will be requested to take in order for the undergrounding project to be successful. If the form is turned in on time and the properties existing electrical panel is up to code, then the property owner will be connected to the new system at no cost.