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San Diego

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The first Human Library in San Diego was held on Saturday, March 11. Stay tuned for upcoming events!

The aim of the Human Library is to explore and move beyond stereotypes, and learn more about each other through stories. During the event, patrons will have the opportunity to check out human “books” to read through one-on-one 20-minute conversations.

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Meet Our Books

Torture Survivor Advocate

Human Library Book Torture Survivor Advocate

Triple Amputee

Human Library Book Triple Amputee


Human Library Book Muslim American


Human Library Book Filmmaker


Human Library Book Suicidal/Cutter


Human Library Book Anarchist


Human Library Book Blind

Homeless Advocate

Human Library Book Homeless Advocate


Human Library Book Veteran


Human Library Book Transgender

Border Activist

Human Library Book Border Activist


Human Library Book Journalist


Human Library Book Refugee


Human Library Check-Out Policies

A library card is not required. Borrowers will be asked to adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Books may be renewed only once.
  • Each conversation will be limited to 15-20 minutes.
  • Only same-day reservations are permitted.
  • Aggressive or abusive behavior will result in revocation of borrower privileges.
  • Photos may not taken without explicit permission from individual books or library staff.

History of the Human Library

The first Human Library, “Menneskebiblioteket” as it is called in Danish, was developed in Copenhagen in the spring of 2000 as part of an anti-violence movement. The Human Library is now international, part of a worldwide movement for social change.
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