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Following are some of the most commonly requested forms for Code Enforcement Division. Forms are also available at any City of San Diego library or at our office located at 1222 First Ave., fifth floor, in downtown San Diego.

Street Tree Permit Application  - The City's Mitigation, Monitoring and Coordiation Division of the Development Services Department oversees the permit process for the planting, removal and maintenance of trees along streets, sidewalks, and other City right-of-way. The primary purpose of a street tree planting and maintenance is to improve the environment of the City as a whole. It is the policy of the City to encourage the planting of additional and replacement trees in the street right-of way.

As part of the permitting process the Development Services Department shall specify or approve the species and locations of trees to be planted in the street right-of-way in accordance with the standards and criteria in the City's Landscape Technical Manual. After planting of a tree in the street right-of- way, the owner of the adjacent property shall be responsible for watering and fertilizing unless an assessment district has been formed to provide the required landscape maintenance.

The Street Division of the Transportation and Storm Water Department is responsible for trimming street trees as required for public safety.

Street trees shall be removed at public expense if they meet any one of the following criteria:

  • The tree is dead
  • The tree is a hazard
  • The tree is damaging public improvements, the damage cannot be permanently corrected by trimming or root pruning, the owner of the fronting property requests removal, and the tree is not part of a uniform tree planting or a significant neighborhood asset.

A permit to remove a street tree at private expense will be issued if both of these criteria are met:

  1. The owner of a fronting property requests the permit
  2. The tree is not part of a uniform street tree planting or a significant neighborhood asset.

For questions regarding street tree permit applications, call (619) 236-5513.

PDF icon Property Value Protection Ordinance: Notice of Default Filing Registration Requirement  - This form is provided for residential mortgage holders who file a Notice of Default or foreclose on residential properties. Mortgage holders filing a Notice of Default or foreclosing on residential properties are required to register current contact information with the City. The information contained in this form allows code enforcement officials the ability to monitor problem properties and quickly notify a responsible party when corrective action is required.

Request for Investigation - Requests to investigate alleged building and/or land use violations of theSan Diego Municipal Code on private property can be completed and submitted online, delivered to our office via regular mail, or presented at the office reception counter. In general, complainant name, address and telephone number remain confidential unless case records are subpoenaed or the complainant is willing to be a participant in mediation; however complaints involving noise issues will frequently require complainant disclosure.

Online requests can be made at http://www.sandiego.gov/ced/report/investigation.shtml.

PDF fillable forms are available at:
PDF icon http://www.sandiego.gov/ced/pdf/requestinvestigationen.pdf (English)
PDF icon http://www.sandiego.gov/ced/pdf/requestinvestigationspa.pdf (Spanish)

Statement of Intent  - Filing of a completed Statement of Intent is required for identified abandoned properties, as specified in SDMC Section 54.0313.  When directed to do so by the Abandoned Property Coordinator, the responsible party must file the completed Statement of Intent as instructed.  The Statement of Intent describes information regarding the ownership of the property and the responsible party’s plan for its rehabilitation, development, occupancy, and maintenance.  

PDF icon Trespass Authorization/Letter of Agency Form  - This form allows the San Diego Police Department to act as the agent for the owner of private property for purposes of enforcing laws against any person(s) found on the property without the owner's consent or without lawful purpose. This is an extremely useful tool and is strongly recommended for vacant properties, vacant lots, businesses or any properties upon which public nuisance activity and/or crime problems, including transient activity, drug activity, prostitution, graffiti, or general trespass are occurring. This form must be renewed every six months in order to be effective per Penal Code section 602. Please submit the completed form to your neighborhood police station.

In conjunction with this form, it is strongly suggested, although not required, that the property be posted with a sign indicating:

  • A Letter of Agency has been filed with the San Diego Police Department*;
  • The address of the property*;
  • The words "No Trespassing"; and
  • Who the property is managed by and/or who to call to report problems or concerns.

The sign should be no less than 18 inches by 24 inches, ideally have a font legible from the nearest public street and not be readily accessible to vandals. Signs should be evenly spaced throughout the surrounding property boundaries covered by the Letter of Agency. PDF icon View a Sample Sign .

*Important Note: A sign indicating a Letter of Agency is on file with San Diego Police Department, including the address of the property is necessary in order for Police to confirm the validity of the Letter of Agency and respond accordingly.

PDF icon 90 Day Progress Report  - When directed to do so by the Vacant Properties Coordinator, complete and submit this form to provide a status report on bringing your vacant property into productive use.

Alcoholic Beverage Billboard restrictions that advertise alcohol-related products located within 500 feet of places where children congregate (i.e. child care centers, libraries, playgrounds, recreation centers or schools).

PDF icon Plan Preparation & Submittal Guidelines for Open Cases - Information and instructions detailing the required information and procedures for preparing and submitting plans through the Development Services Department when working on a property with an open Code Enforcement case.

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