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Office of Child and Youth Success

Early Learning and Family Connection Center

Cultivating a Care-Friendly City

toddler playing with toysChildcare and early education challenges are spread throughout the City of San Diego in the form of scarcity and cost. These types of challenges prevent a parent or caregiver from seeking out professional and educational opportunities to better their future and the future of their child. The City of San Diego focuses on shared community values that support an increase of safe, affordable, early education opportunities in America’s Finest City. ​

​The Office of Child and Youth Success supports 5 Pillars to effectively assist in early childhood education opportunities: OFFER ​



Support in launching and operating a family child care home or a child care facility are well-documented needs in San Diego.



Ensuring that the City of San Diego is considering early education space when designing and permitting new developments and affordable housing is a priority of the Office of Child and Youth Success. The City is consistently looking at surplus property and developing opportunities. The Office of Child and Youth Success is a partner in local planning to assist in removing barriers to entry for those currently or desiring to provide childcare space. ​


Permit and Inspection Resources

County of San Diego Resources

A Community Win-Win: Co-Locating Child care with Affordable Housing in San Diego County

The Children First Collective has published a report for San Diego County offering solutions to the co-location of child care and affordable housing. Find the report here.​


Working with community partners to determine funding opportunities and pathways to support families and organizations desiring to enter the child early education provider space. ​



Safeguarding educational pathways for teachers desiring to foster early education learning and supporting organizations and families eager for continued learning opportunities.



Removing barriers for organizations needing support with early education recruitment fairs and outreach. Organizations can take advantage of City libraries and recreation centers to hold recruitment fairs.


County Resources and Alignment​

San Diego Child Care Blueprint
The Blueprint provides an action plan for stakeholders across the County, including the City of San Diego’s Office of Child and Youth Success, to work toward the vision that San Diego County is a place where every family has access to child care that meet their geographic, scheduling, cultural, language, and economic needs; the child care provider workforce is highly valued and financially thriving; and all types of child care settings support children’s healthy development. Find the Blueprint here.

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