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The Municipal Code is periodically updated as new ordinances are adopted by the City Council. These updates are put together in the form of a Municipal Code Supplement. The supplements are individually numbered in sequential order as they are issued. Municipal Code subscribers and manual owners can print out the pages from each of the supplements and place the revised pages into their manuals. An insert/remove sheet indicating the changes will be included with each supplement, along with the revised pages.

Use these updates to keep hard copies of the San Diego Municipal Code current. Each update builds on the previous one so it is imperative to complete each update (in its entirety) in chronological order. For additional information, please call (619) 533-4400.

Documents Available for Download

These documents are available for viewing in Portable Document Format (PDF) using the free Adobe Reader. If you are unable to view the documents, please review the Help page or contact our office at (619) 533-4000 for alternative formats.

•741 •757
•742 •758
•743 •759
•744 •760
•745 •761
•746 •762
•747 •763
•748 •764
•749 •765
•750 •766
•751 •767
•752 •768
•753 •769
•754 •770
•755 •771

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